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Pears 1.7 final

Finally here :).

Posted by Andrei 2004-06-20

Pears 1.7b16

Mainly bugfixes

Posted by Andrei 2004-04-25

Pears 1.7b15

New release, contains bugfixes.

Posted by Andrei 2004-04-04

Pears 1.7b14

A bit late - thanks to me not having done any work in Pears in the last three weeks - but here it is.

Posted by Andrei 2004-03-14

Pears 1.7b13

Another week, another beta. Couple of new features, tweaks and fixes.

Posted by Andrei 2004-02-22

Your opinion counts: entries, items, postings, topics?

Some people have pointed out that they have strong feelings of dislike for the term "topics" as used in Pears to denote one piece of information inside a feed. Since I'm already breaking compatibility with previous Pears versions, it looks like the right time to change it if there's enough support for it. So, what's what:

- entry: used in the Atom spec
- item: used in the RSS spec
- posting: used in the blogging community (I've been told)
- topic: generic term invented by yours truly in order to not have to choose between the alternatives above :) ... read more

Posted by Andrei 2004-02-20

Pears 1.7b12

Bugfix for 1.7b11.

Posted by Andrei 2004-02-16

Pears 1.7b11

New and improved. I recommend you empty your entire cache after installing this, just to avoid any problems.

Posted by Andrei 2004-02-14

Pears 1.7b10

Plugin support, improved safety.

Posted by Andrei 2004-02-09

Pears 1.7b9

New features:
- menu entry for removing etag/modified data from all feeds
- more feedback in the Add window

Also some small very tweaks to get rid of some redundant console messages introduced in 1.7b8.

Posted by Andrei 2004-02-05

Pears 1.7b8

Forgot to post news item on 1.7b7 :), but 1.7b8 is here already. Improved unicode situation (problems due to new parser should hopefully be solved).

Posted by Andrei 2004-02-03

Pears 1.7b6

More bugs fixed

Posted by Andrei 2004-01-31

Pears 1.7b5

Small bugfix

Posted by Andrei 2004-01-30

Pears 1.7b4

Fixed one extra bug.

Posted by Andrei 2004-01-29

Pears 1.7b3

Bunch of fixes, mainly to improve the integration of the latest feedparser version.

Posted by Andrei 2004-01-29

Pears 1.7b2

And here it is then. I don't have new features planned for 1.7, just that I want to have some time to test b2, since I intend to try and release a standalone (MacMillan/Py2exe) version of 1.7 final.

Posted by Andrei 2004-01-25

Pears 1.7b1 bug: DIY fix

If you're getting an error about Hamsters from Pears 1.7 b1, you should open in some
plain text editor (like Notepad) and search for "if pearsdebug.HAMSTERMODE:". A few lines below it,
you'll see "except ImportError:". Delete the word "ImportError". That's it!

By the way, for those who didn't know: HAMSTERMODE is a great storage engine contributed by
Mark Moraes. Unlike the default engine, it doesn't keep everything in-memory, but loads feed contents
on demand from the HD. You should use this engine if you have a large cache and find the performance
of Pears lacking. For more details on how to enable it, search FAQ file that comes with your Pears
distro for "Hamstermode".

Posted by Andrei 2004-01-12

Pears 1.7b1

Beta version of 1.7. For 1.7 final I want to upgrate to Mark Pilgrim's latest feedparser.

Posted by Andrei 2004-01-11

Pears 1.6

New release. Seems to solve all problems which appeared in the 1.5 series.

Posted by Andrei 2003-11-20

Non-logged-in postings no longer allowed

Well, they aren't in bugs, requests and patches because I sometimes need to contact the original poster - since you can contact me, I should be able to contact you too. Seems fair enough :).

Posted by Andrei 2003-11-19

Pears 1.5.9 removed

I've noticed yet another encoding bug in this release after I uploaded it, so I removed it.

Posted by Andrei 2003-11-05

Pears 1.5.9

Another release with a focus on encoding issues. Mostly fixed, I only noticed a problem with special chars in the topics list when using non-unicode Python (special chars are displayed just fine in the feeds list and the HTML pane, so I'm completely puzzled by this).

Also some fixes in the HAMSTERMODE.

Posted by Andrei 2003-11-05

Pears 1.5.8

If this 1.5 release won't kill me, nothing will. Yet another attempt to fix character encoding problems.

Posted by Andrei 2003-11-03

Pears 1.5.7

Second release today. Concentrates on trying to fix the annoying text encoding problems. Everything seems to work here. So far. YMMV...

If three releases in two days won't boost the Pears activity rating on Sourceforge, nothing will :).

Posted by Andrei 2003-11-02

Pears 1.5.5

New release, focus on encoding issues. Problems are still quite likely to exist.

Posted by Andrei 2003-11-02

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