#29 Test suite needed


It would be nice to have an automated PowerPC test suite,
to track how many different asm instructions are left
to do...

Both PPC32, Altivec, and PPC64 instructions set.
I think Kheperix comes with something like this?



  • Anders F Björklund

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    Some kind of easy benchmarks would be neat too.
    (interesting to compare versus real PowerPCs...)

  • John_K

    John_K - 2004-06-05

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    Well the fact that Altivec was only recently started (ie
    last 3 days) and the fact that G3s are only 32 bit make some
    of that bit useless. Also I don't think there are many 9if
    any) unimplemented 32bit instrs currently, just things that
    need fixing.

    Benchmarks may become useful in the future, but at least not
    until timing is 100% fixed as you would not get even close
    to accurate results.

  • Anders F Björklund

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    While trying to the test the PearPC emulator with this test,
    I ran into a a couple of problems. Some have been solved,
    some need some further ideas/inputs or workarounds first...

    The first problem was that PearPC requires a lot of things
    to be set up before it will run, it even relies on a global
    configuration object being loaded and similar non-givens.
    (like having to allocate memory and init I/O and CPU). Done.

    The second problem was that it links towards most of the
    rest of the library, including all the network/graphic cards
    and everything - so I just copied the objects from "ppc".

    The third problem was that it crashes without a SystemDisplay,
    which I solved by doing a quick "NullObject" DummyDisplay class.

    The fourth, and final problem is that it can only run in its
    own memory space - not execute instructions being passed to

    The test assumes to be able to call a virtual method defined as:
    void execute(uintptr addr);

    It consists of a list of PowerPC instructions (code) to execute,
    eventually terminating by a "blr" instruction when tests are
    (this method gets called over and over with all the
    different tests).
    But for PearPC, it must be copied into "memory" first to be
    run ?

    For the other emulators, the code looks something like:
    ppc_running = true;
    while (ppc_running) {
    ppc_inst_t inst = ppc_code_fetch(PC);
    ppc->nip = entry_point;

    But there doesn't seem to exist any way to do this in PearPC,
    without copying and pasting huge parts of the big "ppc_run".
    And it still only wants to read from the mapped memory. :-(

    Does anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this with PearPC ?
    I could simply copy the instructions into emulated memory
    until encountering a terminating instruction, or something.
    (since it is not known with the current code what the size is)


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