Sorcerer - 2008-03-24

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This is an old post, but anyway....
You have to launch the program by dragging the config file onto the ppc.exe file so that the config file is executed by ppc.exe. You can't just dbl click ppc.exe. There are other ways to achieve this, but this way is easy for now.
Also, you need to configure your config file so that it points to at least one valid bootable image on one of the ide ports.
You need to specify drive\path\filenameofyourimage.img for a hdd image or .iso for a cdrom image
Current version now supports native cdrom's, all you need for that is to enter the letter [eg D:\] of your cd/dvdrom and change the 'drive_type' command from "cdrom" to "nativecdrom"

See here
for a sample of config files, scroll down the thread about half way for a post by James Lynden with two samples of config files, one for using cdrom image, the other for using native [real] cdrom drive.

You can copy n paste his samples into notepad and save it as config [or whatever name you want] and even leave the .txt extension so you can easily open it again in notepad to edit it as desired.

You will need to at least edit the drive\path\filenames next to the pci_ide lines to match were your files are located.
Also, his memory size line 'memory_size = 0x20000000' is equal to 512mb of memory which may be ok depending on how much physical ram you have installed.
To halve this, change the line to read memory_size = 0x10000000
Hope this helps