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PdfWriter 0.0.4 Released

UPD: The class is now built as a component.
UPD: Enabled event management. Now you can manage the Header
and Footer methods as events in the calling procedure, in this
case the name of the event should take the following format:
NomeClasse_Header () and NomeClasse_Footer (). Is still
possible to create objects inherited by PDFWriter, in this case the
two methods work as in previous releases.
NDA: Program compiled with version 2.20.2 of Gambas.

Posted by Carlotto Luigi 2010-08-20

PdfWriter 0.0.3 Released

UPD: Submitted control in a Row () function that
checks if the number of elements of string
passed to this function is equal to the
number of elements of the size in the past
SetColumnWidths (). If an inconsistency is
generated an error message.
UPD: Changes adaptation to the new version of Gambas2.
BUG: Fixed some bugs in CPdfWriter class.
NDA: Program compiled with version 2.5.0 of Gambas.

Posted by Carlotto Luigi 2008-04-22

PdfWriter 0.0.2 Released

NEW: Eliminated the test module, in substitution
it has been added a form that uses
PdfDocument library (gb.pdf) in order to
visualize the document. The form it is an
adaptation of that present in the distributed
examples with the Gambas2 language (authors:
Daniel Campos and Benoît Minisini).
NEW: Added some functions imported from sources
publishes from customers on situated official
FPDF and some to you of my hand: Dashes,
MultiCell with bullet, GetW, GetH,
GetLeftMargin, GetTopMargin, GetRightMargin,
GetAuthor, GetCreator, GetSubject, GetTitle,
GetCompression, GetLineWidth, Polygons, Cube,
Geometric figures. To notice that some are
still in phase of test and verification, for
which they could not work correctly.
UPD: The definition of the font has been
transferred in the new static class
UPD: The Sector function has been corrected.

Posted by Carlotto Luigi 2007-10-10

PdfWriter 0.0.1 Released

NEW: First phase of porting.
NEW: Currently the functions are qualified base,
plus some functionalities with the porting of
sources publish to you from the customers of
the plan originate them FPDF: Bookmarks,
Rounded rectangle, Rotations, GetStringLimit,
Table with MultiCells, Circles and ellipses,
Forced justification, Index, Dashed
rectangle. Still in phase of verification:
Sector, Diagrams.

Posted by Carlotto Luigi 2007-04-23

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