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  • gstrubinsky

    gstrubinsky - 2007-04-01

    I know it is trivial but would make life so much easier.

    I have bought a fujitsu pencentric 130, a sweet little machine with touch screen and a little memory. I use it together with a 4gb memory stick as my bookreader for manuals etc. The beauty of this machine is that it lasts up to 9 hours on one charge and has not a single moving part, is therefore excellent suited to take with me wherever I go.

    Sadly it runs win-ce 2.11 and there is no adobe nor chm reader available for the box. I found your wonderful tool and convert all my pdf's into html directories. Since the screen is relatively small I wished I could use no frames to get the most out of the available space. Well, I can naturally convert the pdf into one big html page, but that's a bit too much for the browser (IE something) / memory.

    If there were a third option (with frames/without frames single page) that would allow the pages to be generated as if for the framed version plus had a

    [previous page] [Outline] [next page]

    link at te top and bottom of each page (or it could be built in by default into the framed version), that would be the perfect solution. I read, like many people from page to page in ascending order. the left frame is therefore even on my 'real' computer redundant since I want to go to the next or previous page. If I am interested in a different topic (as in manuals happens often) I could click the outline link which says more than the page numbers in the first place.

    Last not least is the outline page (at least in my case) always in the home directory of pdftohtml created and not in the source/target directory of the pdf file.

    This is simple to integrate but I found no way to use any of the stream editors to postprocess the html files and to write a c potprocessor seems unelegant and redundant since your program has everything it needs already while it creates the page (when it builds the left frame).

    I like your program a lot, this addition would make it just perfect.

    guenter strubinsky

    • DelphyM

      DelphyM - 2008-05-08

      I've just found this great peace of work which is suitable for me and makes my life more easier and comfotable.

      I'm using this tool mainly for two reasons:
      1) Opera voice reading of PDF document
      2) converting PDF files to my  J2EE (MIDP2) cellular phone SonyEricsson W910i.

      In bouth cases I would find having those required navigation buttons "Pref/Next" as very handy.

      But seems that this project is in a kind of hybernation (hopefuly).
      So I don't dare to ask as another small improvements to have those converted HTML files with voice navigation enabled in it (according Opera specification of voice-Enabled documents:\)

      so far, only those Prev & Next navigation links/buttons would be fine.

      thanks in advance,

    • James MacLaren

      James MacLaren - 2008-05-30

      I added something like this to the code a while back for a specific project.  Let me look at the code and see if it is ok to release the modifications. 


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