CardBus support in aic7xxx?

A Major
  • A Major

    A Major - 2002-03-19

    I tried to configure linux kernel 2.4.18 for kernel PCMCIA support. The network and IEEE1394 cards work fine, but the SCSI adapter APA1480A doesn't. Neither aic7xxx nor aic7xxx_old can be insmod-ed without errors (the typical errors you get when the corresponding hardware is not installed).

    Am I doing something wrong, or is CardBus support in     aic7xxx really broken in 2.4.18?



    • William M. Quarles

      Yeah, I'm having trouble with that, too.  According to the hardware list,

      [apa1480_cb driver] [x86,ppc,smp]
          [recommend 2.2 or later kernel]
          Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480 CardBus

      But in the last two pacakges, neither seems to have the apa1480_cb driver after I build them.


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