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The repository has been transferred to SVN.

Remind the developers that the repository has been transferred from CVS to SVN. If you want to commit changes, please use Subversion. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Shih-Yuan Lee 2006-02-28

PCMan X Released

PCMan X Released

Posted by PCMan 2005-04-14

PCMan X Released.

PCMan X Released.

Posted by PCMan 2005-03-01

PCMan X Released

Auto-login is now supported.

Posted by PCMan 2005-02-04

PCMan X Released

Fix some problems with Makefile.
Add a rpm release.

Posted by PCMan 2004-09-11

PCMan X for OS XReleased.

We support Mac OS X now!

Posted by PCMan 2004-09-08

PCMan X has a Chinese Forum now!!!!!!

I've set up a Chinese forum for PCMan X with phpBB2 on the web space provided by Sourceforge.
Sourceforge.net is a good website but we cannot use Chinese here. Now we can discuss everything in Chinese on our new forum.

Posted by PCMan 2004-09-03

PCMan X Released

Change back to GTK+ 1.2.
Fix lots of bugs caused by wxGTK 2.4.2.

Posted by PCMan 2004-09-01

PCMan X 0.1.7 Released.

Fix some little problems.
Change back to wxWindows 2.4.2.

Posted by PCMan 2004-08-26

PCMan 0.1.6 Released

This version is greatly improved.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-08-25