#777 Recovering from Bug-ID 3614947 crashes PCManFM


1) Open PCManFM
2) Select View → Detailed List View
3) Double-click the column title separator between 'Name' and 'Description' → column 'Name' resizes to zero width
(see https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3614947&group_id=156956&atid=801864\)
When trying to recover from this by:
4) Dragging the mentioned separator to the right (don't handle too much left, such dragging the Navigation-DetailView separator) crashes PCManFM silently

After selecting, for instance, a different directory in the navigation view before 4) no crash occurs at 4) but the 'Name' column is resized as expected.

OS: Fedora 3.9.5.fc19.x86_64
libfm: 1.1.1-2.fc19
pcmanfm: 1.1.1-2.fc19


  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2013-08-27
    • assigned_to: nobody --> lstranger
    • labels: 2616493 --> isn't related to libfm or pcmanfm
    • status: open --> closed-invalid
  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2013-08-27

    I cannot reproduce that behavior, even mentioned problem with double-click isn't reproducible with either gtk-2.24 or gtk-3.4. And yes, it is reproducible in fc19 virtual box. I can suspect another bug in gtk3. It should be reported to GNOME bugzilla instead - that is GtkTreeView widget bug if you would like to report it. And since we officially don't support gtk3 compilation (despite the fact it works with gtk3 and I even fixed annoying gtk3-related desktop bug lately) I would suggest you to recompile libfm and pcmanfm using gtk2 instead, either from latest stable release or using GIT sources.
    Thank you very much.

  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2013-08-27

    And as much as debug told me the crash is exactly due to that nullified first column, it says the column got strange sizes (width=-2 and height=24) and it tried to place it above another column which is even more weird. And since libfm version 1.1.x does not handle header in any way, this problem lies completely in gtk. And I'm sorry but I don't believe GNOME would fix it soon, I have two bugreports in their bugzilla already and nobody answered them yet. :(

  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2013-08-28

    BTW, they already have that bug reported in another application - https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=698874 - and no responce since April. Feel free to append your comment there if you wish. So I still believe the best choice for you is to use gtk2 version, Or live with this bug present otherwise, just remember it's there. I'm sorry.

  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2013-08-30

    Thank you very much for the workaround, applied it.

  • Mamoru TASAKA

    Mamoru TASAKA - 2013-08-31

    Thank you for applying!



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