#712 Wrong handling file names with spaces in it

libfm (303)

Version= 1.0.1
OS= lubuntu 12.10

When file has a space in name, just part of name is passed as parameter when defining custom command line .

1. create bash script foo.sh

echo "param1= $1" >> /tmp/pcman_test.log

2. make test files (with and without space in name): touch "/tmp/test with space.txt" "/tmp/test_without_space.txt"

3. Open both files with foo.sh script: Right click > Open with ... > Custom command line > foo.sh %f

4. /tmp/pcman_test.log for "/tmp/test with space.txt" file is
param 1=/tmp/test

and it should be
param 1=/tmp/test with space.txt

but for "/tmp/test_without_space.txt" log is as should be:
param 1=/tmp/test_without_space.txt

File names should be passed with escape sequences, something like "\ "

Thanks !


  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2013-03-13

    Thank you for the report. I believe the problem is fixed in current GIT already since it passes your test case. Check it when it will be possible for you, please. Feel free to reopen the report if the bug still exists in newest versions.

  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2013-03-13
    • assigned_to: nobody --> lstranger
    • labels: --> libfm
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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