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Version 0.0.6-1

Fix a bug while processing Panasonic log.

Posted by Ariel Pereira 2003-12-06

working on ...

a threaded version with socket support.
In the case of a multi pbx on the same company, the database will be modified to accept data from several sources.

Posted by Ariel Pereira 2002-11-16

several bug fixes in the perl script.

i'll be uploading many GROSS bugfixes in the weekend.

Posted by Ariel Pereira 2002-10-31

PBLogAn release 0.0.5 ready for download

Lot's of changes and improvements.
Read the ChangeLog file.

Posted by Ariel Pereira 2002-10-26

Release 0.0.5 almost ready

Major changes to the whole package.
Most of it is configurable.
New options of the web interface.
New functionalities because of support of new Panasonic PBX model.
Will be posted tomorrow.

Posted by Ariel Pereira 2002-10-25