#262 pwsafe will not run


I have used pwsafe on several machines for some time now. I love this program. I put it onto a laptop I started using as my primary machine when my desktop died and I have had less than 25% success. I install it and can get it to load into the system tray, however when I try to bring it up and enter my password, it hangs before I can enter my password.
I am on a Lenovo T60 in a docking station which is connected to a 4 port usb switch box. It is an XP Pro system which has behaved just fine, up until now. It has the AT&T version of McAfee A/V home protection. Its a consumer version so I don't have a whole lot of control. I have search through the logs and I don't see where its being stopped by McAfee. There is a log entry showing it being allowed but no deny. I have even let the login prompt hang for hours just to see if a process would finally let go and it lasted over night....no joy.
I have another machine with XP Pro, same McAfee A/V, same version of pwsafe and it works just fine. This computer does have a different set of programs but nothing of particular note. Any help or suggestions are welcome. you can contact me directly at cremacs@gmail.com


  • perry jurancich

    perry jurancich - 2010-10-01

    One added comment, I have tried both registry and green installs.


  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2010-10-01


    A few questions/suggestions:

    1. Can you elaborate what you mean by 'hangs'? Do you see it taking up CPU cycles in the task manager, or are you stuck just waiting for the password prompt?

    2. What version of PasswordSafe are you running?

    3. Can you download the zip file from
      extract to a directory other than where PasswordSafe's installed and try running pwsafe.exe from there?


  • perry jurancich

    perry jurancich - 2010-10-01

    I am using the most recent version. I downloaded it when the one I had on hand would not work.

    Hang = the pwsafe frame appears, I move the cursor over the window and it changes to an hourglass, only about 5% CPU, if I click on the X to close, I am prompted to force quit, I do and it goes away from the system tray. sigh


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