#221 cannot reinstall password safe


Installed passwordsafe on new computer, but due to issues with computer, I uninstalled all added programs with intent to send computer back to vendor. Now am keeping and tried to install passwordsafe again, but got the following message: 'please exit all running instances of passwordsafe before installing a new version' I don't know what to do now- I uninstalled it and it isnt showing in my program list anymore. help!!


  • Sharon Schooley

    Sharon Schooley - 2010-03-18

    update- I have windows 7. I found pws file under program files (x86) but not under regular program files. When I clicked on pws exe file, got message that the old database and location wasn't found. I can do a search and find the it where I now have my pws database, but it asks this every time pws is opened. I clicked 'uninstall' but it didnt' do anything. Is there a solution other than putting the psw database back in the original location?

  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2010-03-20


    To uninstall, first make sure PasswordSafe isn't running either by right-click on the system tray icon and selecting Exit, or opening the application and the selecting File->Exit. Once the program is exited this way, you should be able to uninstall it.


  • Sharon Schooley

    Sharon Schooley - 2010-04-04

    another update- I am definitly sending this computer back. Still not showing Passwordsafe when going through control panel to uninstall. Ran the uninstall file in the passwordsafe file on the program flles (x86), but PWS still shows up and is active. Opened PWS and clicked 'exit' then tried to delete files but still get message that PWS is still active and can't be deleted. What else can I do to take this off before I send the computer back? I did remove my pws file, but just can't get the program to be removed.


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