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I've "sold" my company on PWsafe but have problem with President's situation. She works a week in home office & a week in alt office so I installed PWsafe on her "passport" USB drive. However when we try to open it from scratch, it says it's corrupted. Have tried it several times. It works as long as the database is not closed. Once database is closed and we try to open it then it says it's corrupted. I've tried installing normally and as portable. Same problem both times. Thanks.


  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2009-08-11

    Hi Janis,

    Odd. I don't know about 'passport', but keeping the password database on a usb drive along with the app should work just fine.

    If the USB drive is a "U3" device, you can purchase a version of PasswordSafe from
    that's specifically designed and tested to work on U3 thumb drives.

    Let me know if this helps.



  • Janis Baldwin

    Janis Baldwin - 2009-08-12

    I checked boss' "Passport" drive and it is NOT a U3 drive. It's just an external drive. Please advise either specific installation steps; e.g. (a) install PWsafe on PC and put database on Passport, or (b) install PWsafe AND database on Passport, (c) use the "portable" setting or (c) NOT use the portable setting, etc. She's gone to her other office now & I'm going to have to do this by phone. Thanks.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I use mine with a portable hard drive between two pcs and have no issues. I installed the software separately on each pc and just store the database file on my portable hard drive though. It may be a possible solution.


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