#655 Per entry override for view username/password


I would find it very useful to be able to config the display of username and password in the tree view, and in add/edit on an per entry version. I would envision options like use default, always show, never show, and these could be applied to username and password display in tree view and password display in edit/view. From a UI perspective I would really like to see an additional tab for the add/edit/view dialog called display options, where these options would be configured.

What would also be great if you could configure the number of characters of username and password that is displayed, and this could be use default or a number. I would use this to display the first four or five characters on some of my less important passwords as a memory prompt. I would use this paricularly for signing onto servers that do not allow pasted passwords.


  • DrK

    DrK - 2012-02-21

    Whilst not difficult to implement the base functionality, although it will need more fields per entry to be saved in the database, it will have a knock on effect on other functions. One that immediately comes to mind is the in place rename of an entry in the Tree View especially if only a subset of the username/password is present.

  • SteveH

    SteveH - 2012-02-22

    I'm thinking if you attempt a rename it would automatically display and highlight the entire text


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