#11 par2 should maintain information like SmartPar/QuickPar

Add Functionality
Peter C

I am using par2 0.2 command line on Windows XP

I would like for par2 to maintain information about its
previous runs on a set of files much like SmartPar
(filename.tmp) and QuickPar (filename.qp2) do. This
would help with some automated scripts I'm using by
reducing the amount of repeated work being done as I
wait for more parts to show up.

It would be perfectly acceptable to access this feature
with a switch. I don't need to change the default


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    I agree that caching info would be very handy for automation
    puposes, just like you said!

    Peter, any chance this gets implemented in the near future??

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    That would be awesome.. ive been waiting for this for monts


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