#11 stars for the mail server infor.


would it be possible to make the info that you put into the email section be stars or password protected because you give your information to your customer to use your email servers for what they want like spam

can maybe place a button on that page that changes the info to stars.


  • Russell Phillips

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  • Russell Phillips

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    I'd assumed that they would use their own mail server, but I'll look into doing something

  • Russell Phillips

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    I don't really understand this one, so I'd appreciate your comments on the following.

    1. Why not get your customers to use the mail server that they use with their e-mail client?

    2. Your logs should show what e-mails have been sent from your customers, it should be obvious if they're spamming

    3. Why not set it up without the "config" parameter - then they won't be able to display the config screen at all

    4. The problem with password protection is that Panic Button needs to be able to decrypt the information, without prompting for a password. This means that anyone will be able to do the same.

    5. The mail server information is in the config file, so even if it is hidden in the config screen, they'll be able to find it by looking in the config file

  • GrosBedo

    GrosBedo - 2008-03-30

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    To make a good protection against spam we would have to effectively have a way to prevent config form to be shown (because its not very comfortable to hide everything behind stars) and encrypt the configuration file, but we have a problem with the current encryption algorithm and it's not a priority to change it, we focus on adding new features and porting to other OS at this moment.

    A workaround would be to create a special e-mail for your customers, so if you get spam it wouldn't be a great deal... and go for gmail, they have a great anti-spam filter ;)

  • GrosBedo

    GrosBedo - 2008-06-14
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