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pam_mount 2.15 released

In this release, pam_mount starts making use of the helper= option available in util-linux >= 2.20 so that umounting crypto mounts should work through just the umount(8) program. A crash in ehd_log was fixed as well.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2014-12-01

pam_mount 2.13 released

This release restores keyfile support for non-crypto mounts. A new cryptmount library is shipped that contains the code shared among pam_mount and its utilities. libmount from util-linux 2.20 is now utilized in part as well.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2011-12-15

pam_mount 2.12 released

This release restores support in mount.crypt for files >=4GB.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2011-10-06

pam_mount 2.11 released

Networked volumes do not require a "server" attribute anymore, which allows integration with pam_winbind and Active Directory. Multiple diagnostics were added to umount.crypt to help determine details of potential failures.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2011-08-07

pam_mount 1.27 released

This release suppresses stdout from mount programs.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-07-01

pam_mount 1.26 released

This release adds NFS4 support.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-06-19

pam_mount 1.25 released

Variable expansion was broadened to make it work with options for AUFS. A write to read-only memory affecting NT domain usernames was corrected.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-05-09

pam_mount 1.24 released

This release fixes an unintialized variable that led to a crash, and support for manual keysize truncation has been corrected.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-04-22

pam_mount 1.22 released

This release adds partial support for remounting.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-04-05

pam_mount 1.21 released

This release fixes an issue where mount.crypt did not pass an option to cryptsetup.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-03-17

pam_mount 1.20 released

This release fixes a double free and first-time overriding of the "mntoptions" config item.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-03-01

pam_mount 1.19 released

This release fixes an unexpected termination of the login procedure, and deals better with stale entries in /etc/cmtab.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-02-27

pam_mount 1.18 released

Fixes negated case-insensitive matching for supplementary group check.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-02-07

pam_mount 1.16 released

Starting with this release, crypto mounts are now tracked via /etc/cmtab. An off-by-one in the cryptomount password input has also been fixed.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-01-24

pam_mount 1.9 released

Accumulated bug reports were addressed: an umount call inversion and terminating lingering processes were fixed.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-01-13

pam_mount 1.8 released

Fixed segfaults in the program suite when used with cron.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-01-07

pam_mount 1.7 released

Resolved a few leaking memory blocks and file descriptors in error-handling code paths.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2009-01-01

pam_mount 1.6 released

Closed a leaking fd, resynchronize DTD with the XML configuration file and optionally make the DTD available for installation. A number of compile errors on BSD have been fixed.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2008-12-27

pam_mount 1.5 released

mount.crypt support the fsck mount option again.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2008-12-08

pam_mount: 1.4 released

pam_mount is a Pluggable Authentication Module that can mount volumes for a user session (login). Supports mounting local filesystems of any kind the normal mount utility supports, with extra code to better support CIFS, FUSE, various crypto, and more.

This release contains a few LUKS regression fixes.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2008-11-25

pam_mount 1.2 released

Changes: Placeholders will now be expanded in the option list. Cipher type is passed to LUKS now. A few buglets have also been fixed.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2008-10-23

pam_mount 1.0 released

New standalone crypto helper programs have been introduced and the shell programs be removed.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2008-10-13

pam_mount 0.49 released

The crypto code was updated to work again and use the old defaults. Legacy truecrypt4 support has been removed.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2008-10-09

pam_mount 0.47 released

This release fixes a regression and adds security-critical checks for user-defined volumes. All remaining fixed-size buffers have been replaced, and support for encfs 1.3.x has been added.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2008-09-05

pam_mount 0.45 released

This version adds options to automatically kill processes using open mounts on logout. Several fixed-size buffers have been replaced by dynamic ones, removing limits on the config file.

Posted by Jan Engelhardt 2008-09-01

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