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New using-plugin 'debase64'

This plugin converts RAW(!) base64 data back to binary form.
Please be CAREFUL! Cut away all headers, no spaces and no '-'
are allowed in the input.
The version is checked-in into the CVS.

Posted by Cinek 2001-10-18

New using-plugin 'gif2bmp'

The gif2bmp-plugin converts GIF images to Windows-BMP files. It has got the same parameters as the jpg2bmp plugin.

Posted by Cinek 2001-10-09

New using-plugin 'jpg2bmp'

This plugin converts picture formats from jpeg to Windows-BMP format. You can resize the picture and output in grayscale (the last could be buggy!). I will check it tomorrow. The pre-version is in CVS.

Posted by Cinek 2001-10-08

Proxy updates and bugfixes in 0.2.3

New version coming soon, right after a new documentation release. Interested people can fetch 0.2.3 from CVS (it's ready and waiting there). Everything new will go to the next release.

Posted by Cinek 2001-06-12

New plugin 'translate'

The translate plugin will replace words in a text according to a dictionary with entries like 'xxx=yyy'. Any occurence of 'xxx' will be replaced by 'yyy' in this case. Be careful, I don't know if it's really stable. You will find the plugin in the CVS.

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-30

I uploaded the PAIP-tarfile with PAIP

Yes, I uploaded this release of PAIP (0.2.2) with the current PAIP-version. The command looks like this: "paip file paip-0.2.2.tar.gz to ftp put". And the upload was successful! Have fun testing and sending bug reports, people ... :)

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-29

Small pause in development

I am currently working at some algorithms for my seminar about compression in August, so I will take a break for some time here, I'm sorry. If the compression is good enough, I will (of course) implement it as a using plugin for PAIP. All I can tell you by now is that the main algorithm is based on Burrows and Wheeler block-sorting method (like bzip). I will keep you up-to-date about this.

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-25

New plugin: telnet

Not everything which looks like a I/O plugin must be one. This plugin seems to be simple, but because of the restrictions of independent streams, it is required to use multi-threaded programming to create it. You will like it!

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-16

New version in CVS

A bugfix in socket-plugin has been fixed. A new release will come soon, I hope. I'll try to make some new plugins first. Have fun testing!

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-10

end-of-stream handling implemented

Next generation of PAIP is coming. I implemented end-of-stream handling. The reason is: I didn't like my chain plugin waiting for the first stream to be closed and then push all the data through all using-plugins. Now the chain plugin will work with portions of data and this makes the application much more flexible.

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-06

About the name of the project, your comments please!

I got a mail from a person who says that PAIP is already an well-known acronym for a title of a famous book "Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming". Since I don't know about AI much, I would like to know, if there are more than one person who thinks that the name of my project is confusing. I would appreciate to have some comments in my forum here. For your explanation, I chose the name PAIP because in most languages in the world it would be pronounced like "pipe". If you think it's stupid, please post your opinion, too.

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-06

ftp input plugin

Works fine until now. The latest version is always in CVS. You can always try it. I will work on a concept to solve the problems, which I have been talking about before. Please have a bit patience.
Next update will be the documentation.

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-03

I still don't like my chain-plugin!

A major update is coming, but it will take some time. The problem appeared with the chain-plugin. It chains several using plugins which are non-blocking (of course) and so EOF has the same meaning as 0 bytes in output-queue. This is not a good concept. I have to implement a end-of-stream-flag for each using plugin, so the input plugins will message the using plugins about the end of the stream. The output plugins have to be messaged later, too. The current implementation of paip buffers the whole output of each plugin. I have thought about it and it is not a good idea. I want to have as much output as possible at the other end even when the input stream is still not fully parsed.

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-03

Updated chain, ftp input coming soon

The chain-using plugin has been updated. This is a quick and dirty hack, I think, but I haven't found any suitable solution as to buffer the whole output of each chained plugin. This could (of course) cause a terrible blowup, so I recommend to use chain only with small files.
I started to implement an ftp-input plugin, which will come with the next release.
Have fun testing paip and give me some comments please, I can take it all! Hehehe

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-02

Still problems with chain

The implementation of chain is still wrong. Yesterday I modified the buffer plugin to a dynamic buffer. It will swallow everything without limits and give your data back again. It is needed for the next implementation of chain.
Furthermore, there are no big changes in the main code. Except that paip really needs delimiters (paip uses {}) and so I had to change the setup_routine not to drop errors when finding a closing brace. Paip needs delimiters whereever a plugin is able to load a subplugin which is specified on command-line. Of course, if you have better idea than introducing delimiters, please give me a suggestion.

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-02

Next release coming soon

I had some time to remove bugs and to write some new plugins. There is still a bug in 'chain'. It doesn't forward the streams correctly. When the fix is done, I'll publish it, of course.

Posted by Cinek 2001-05-01

Need to update the docs

Many things have changed inside paip. The docs have to be updated. The main idea still exists, but with the develepment of the two plugins tee and chain paip has been made much more flexible as concerns the dynamic plugin loading and the command-line interface.

Posted by Cinek 2001-04-30

New plugins out: chain and buffer

Two more plugins:
buffer is only useful for emulating a input plugin (internally). As a main plugin it will send EOF or "eat" all data.
chain will make a pipe longer be chaining several using-plugins one after another.

Posted by Cinek 2001-04-30

Need to change the interfaces (using)

Using plugins won't support internal chaining, when implemented like this. I have already an idea, which will make the access easier and more efficient. I will also clean some things up in the sources. More plugins coming soon.

Posted by Cinek 2001-04-28

A major update coming soon!

I have improved the command-line interface and I need to test the implementation for some time now. Furthermore a new plugin is coming, which will show the power of the command-line interface. Perhaps I can release a version today. I have to look how stable everything is.

Posted by Cinek 2001-04-27

PAIP on rank 97 (activity) !

Incredible, I seem to cause much activity. I am very proud. This is my first project which started from scratch on Sourceforge. The other three were just "imported" to here. I hope I can keep the activity up and will work on the next release with new plugins. The lastest release is always in the CVS.

Posted by Cinek 2001-04-26

http plugin - first step

This is quite a interesting step. It made me realize that my concept is still not ready for
a release. The positive aspect is that I proved that the plugins can be reused. It is funny how easy you can get a webpage now. Try it! And You will want to write some using filters. Hehehe!

Posted by Cinek 2001-04-25

http plugin coming soon

This plugin requires a small change in the concept. The input-plugin type will need to support bidirectional communication. I am still thinking, what is the best and cleanest way to do that. Of course, people will need bidirectional communication in future (e.g. ACKs and more), so perhaps I extend the type-field again. I still have to think if the output-plugin will need this feature, too, but You will also need ACKs for that. Concept change coming!!!!!!

Posted by Cinek 2001-04-25

The first attempt

I would like to present for you the first official release of my idea. Maybe someone can help and give me advice about further development. Meanwhile, I will try to develop some nice plugins. It is lots of fun.

Posted by Cinek 2001-04-22

PAIP is STILL in planning phase!

There is a runnable early testing version which will be released soon. Be patient please! I hope that some people get interested in my idea. I am not sure, if the concept is stable enough for starting to program plugins in masses, but somehow we have to start the development.
If You are interested in writing anything around PAIP, please help! There are lots of things to do!
And it's fun for sure.... read more

Posted by Cinek 2001-04-20

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