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SVN migration

In favor of Subversion, we have migrated our version control system from CVS to SVN. The appropriate documentation for checking-out the code and commiting changes can be found in the usual SF.net documentation pages.

Thank you for your patience, while we went through the hustle of upgrading.

Lukas Lipka

Posted by Lukas Lipka 2007-07-17

oZone API WIP documentation is available

The WIP (work in progress) version of API documentation is available at: http://ozonegui.sf.net/api/

Posted by Anonymous 2004-08-29

oZone GUI available

This version is available for DOS and Windows operating systems (to get the Linux version connect to the cvs and compile the files - see http://ozonegui.net/ for futher details on Linux).
This version includes main system kernel changes and many extra tools and functionalities (see package informations).

Posted by Anonymous 2004-07-16

ozone gui is now 100% microsoft independant

Current CVS version is now able to compile libraries and applications under linux. So you can compile whole system under linux.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-04-08

CVS up

All sources have been uploaded into cvs server.
Please use "ozonegui" as module name.

Posted by Anonymous 2004-03-06