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Oxyus Search Engine / News: Recent posts

Oxyus resuming active development

If you are a current user of Oxyus, look forward to new enhancements and bug fixes. Feel free to use the forums to post your questions bug reports.

Posted by Darin Kuntze 2006-02-08

Oxyus 0.2.3 released

Oxyus now runs in WebSphere 5.1 and in jdk1.4 and newers

Posted by Carlos Saltos 2004-10-18

Oxyus now runs in WebSphere 5.1 !

Minor bugs were fixed to being able to run Oxyus in WebSphere 5.1

Posted by Carlos Saltos 2004-10-18

The Oxyus tests for WebSphere have begun

Oxyus is beign tested for IBM WebSphere 5.1 (IBM HTTP Server)

Posted by Carlos Saltos 2004-10-16

Oxyus 0.2.2 released

Oxyus now provides dynamic summaries for more descriptive results and it has passed the initial tests for running in JBoss.

Posted by Carlos Saltos 2004-10-10

Oxyus now runs in jboss 3 and jboss 4.

Oxyus has passed preliminar tests for jboss 3.2.5 and jboss 4.0.0.

Several bugs relating jboss were fixed for Oxyus, mainly for logging, and hsqldb conflicts.

If you test Oxyus in JBoss and experience other bugs, please report at

Posted by Carlos Saltos 2004-10-02

Oxyus Headquarters move to Barcelona

Carlos Saltos has flown to Barcelona (Spain) where he continues improving Oxyus, specially in the ranking research arena and the administration tool cases.

Posted by Carlos Saltos 2004-09-21

Oxyus 0.2.1 preview release launched

Oxyus 0.2.1 preview release now include search templates in jsp

Posted by Carlos Saltos 2004-09-16

Oxyus 0.2.0 preview release launched

Oxyus 0.2.0 preview release now include Apache Lucene for indexing, scheduling with Quartz, english code and an easy installation ! ... help to test it !

Posted by Carlos Saltos 2004-09-13