#4 Progress bar


A few issues relating to the rendering progress window/bar:

* Would be nice with a "cancel" button to kill the rendering

* The "remaining time" and "% finished" estimates given by flam3-render
and flam3-animate could be printed out here too, in addition to the
graphical progress bar.

* When animating, the two progress bars ("flames", "progress") are
confusing - I have only ever seen the "flames" bar measure the progress,
the "progress" one is always blank, what does it do?

* This may be a bug: when rendering animation to "Image sequence",
progress window does not autoclose even though the process has
stopped (on the window it says "writing movie to disk...", although there
is no movie to write and the images have all finished rendering).


  • David Burnett

    David Burnett - 2006-07-22

    Logged In: YES

    A few comments.

    Cancel would be nice, it would require changes to the libflam3 code for an
    instant kill. Killing between frames of an animation would be easier. Killing a
    still render, I guess I could render as a lot of strips and cancel between them.
    I'm already abusing strips for the multithreaded render for stills.

    The two progress bars did work once, and still do it you load in a flam3 xml
    file that takes a while to render. When generating the thumbnails each flame
    is a bit of the flames bar, and the progress bar is the rendering progress.

    When you do a movie each frame moves the flame bar across, the progress
    bar was the progress of that frame. Multithreading broke that, Cocoa is nor
    remotely thread safe and performSelectorOnMainThread does not help.

    In CVS the multithreaded rendered of stills has totally broke the progress
    indicators. I've spent a couple of days on fixing them put nothing appears to

    As for the Image Sequence QT export. There may no be a movie but during
    that 'writing movie to disk' period QT is converting the movie it rendered
    back into stills and writing them out.

  • David Burnett

    David Burnett - 2006-07-26

    Logged In: YES

    The progrss bars are more or less fixed, there's been a
    couple of side effects, and I did to work out how best to
    adjust the number of progress bars to the number of threads.


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