#5 Produces empty image files


I'm running Oxidizer on a 2009 Mac Pro 8-core machine. I'd say that 90% of the time I try to render any image, I get an empty file as a result. The program shows work being done, but when it is completed, I usually have nothing.


  • David Burnett

    David Burnett - 2009-03-25

    Please can to temporarily disable any haxies and none-apple quicktime components first and try again as this does not seem to be a common issue and certainly does npt occur for me. That will make it extremely for me tricky to diagnose the problem.

    As a work around try using the "Render to Window" in the Render Menu option, the image can de dragged and dropped into finder to save the file in PNG format.

    Also feel free to try the alpha version of the next release available from rampant-mac.com.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've checked out the code, there appears to be some kind of failure in QuickTimeController.m on line 575.
    Once the code enters GraphicsExportSetOutputFile(), it never returns. I'm able to render directly to window, and never have a problem. It only occurs when I try to render to a file.

  • David Burnett

    David Burnett - 2009-03-29

    Write output formats have you tried, and what file paths have you used.

    GraphicsExportSetOutputFile has two main issues, it takes a FFSpec for a file path which its limited to 64 bytes and it's only really reliable with 7-bit ASCII characters, so no tilde or accents etc.
    I've replaced this with GraphicsExportSetOutputDataReference for the next version of Oxidizer which does not have those limits.

    The SGI component tends to fail on big images (it creates all black files for the right size. so I believe this is unrelated to your issue) without throwing any errors. The next version of Oxidizer will not have it as an file type option.



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