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OpenWorkdesk Final Community Edition out now

The latest version available for download is OpenWorkdesk Final.

OpenWorkdesk Community Edition features the following highlights:


- Add methods to fill OwString from external components (DB, webservices. etc.)
- CMIS/OpenText Domea: Provide ChangeToken handling in CMIS adapter to update folder properties in OpenText Domea
- Improved extensibility of cut and paste functionality with parameter mapping configuration... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2012-07-25

OpenWorkdesk 3.2 Final Community Edition

We now provide the Community Edition of OpenWorkdesk 3.2 Final as free download. Users will enjoy the improved shortcut navigation for Ajax tree and Ajax list and the support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 as well as support for Mozilla Firefox 10. Furthermore users are now able to perform full text searches and search for hits in content and in all properties at the same time by using the new introduced search operator. Developers and administrators will enjoy full support of Alfresco Aspects and full ACL support for CMIS. A detailed list of the improvements and bug-fixes can be found here: ... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2012-04-25

OpenWorkdesk 3.2 Sprint 12 Community Edition

As we are coming close to the release of OpenWorkdesk 3.2 we provide sprint 12 of the community edition for free download. Users will enjoy that the date/time information is displayed in the time-zone of their client machine and a Windows-like behaviour of the folder tree. Developers and administrators will like further improvements with respect to localization and UTF-8 support as well as in the OWD-Configurator. A detailed list of the improvements and bug-fixes can be found here: read more

Posted by Alfresco 2011-11-29

Alfresco and WeWebU Announce Technology Partner

London/Herzogenaurach, 09/16/2011 – Alfresco, the open platform for social content management, and WeWebU Software AG, the maker of OpenWorkdesk, have announced their global technology partnership. Together, they are offering the Open Source alternative for transactional content management: WeWebU OpenWorkdesk on Alfresco.

WeWebU integrated their OpenWorkdesk suite of composite content applications seamlessly into the Alfresco platform using CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services). Both, Alfresco and WeWebU, are deeply involved in further developing the CMIS standard as active members of the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee. WeWebU OpenWorkdesk is the first choice of many organizations for transactional content management where maximum throughput and efficiency are key requirements. Although it comes with a pure web front-end it is as user friendly as a fat client and dramatically increases the user acceptance and roll-out speed in ECM projects.... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2011-09-19

OpenWorkdesk 3.2 Sprint 6 Community Edition

The latest version available for download is sprint 6 of OpenWorkdesk It features the following highlights:

All Editions

- Users can filter hit lists in Browse and eFile management
- Switch to Eclipse project environment means that developers can directly check out the source code to an Eclipse development environment
- Administrators can easily change the look and feel of AJAX components
- In the OpenWorkdesk Configurator administrators can select the OpenWorkdesk Edition they want to configure and afterwards have only access to the respective features
- CMIS: Improvement of security handler allows to connect OpenWorkdesk to the CMIS compliant repositories of Alfresco, EMC (documentum), IBM (FileNet P8 5.0 and CM 8.4), Nuxeo, and OpenText
- CMIS: It is now possible to add several documents at once when Alfresco Aspects are used
- CMIS: Drop-down lists for indexes are alphabetically ordered
- OWD can display a long username instead of an acronym
- Improved stability and performance of AJAX components... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2011-07-29

OpenWorkdesk 3.1 Final Community Edition

OpenWorkdesk 3.1 Final (Community Edition, based on CMIS) has been released on April 1. It provides extended platform support as well as important usability enhancements.

- Enhanced CMIS Adapter -
The CMIS adapter is enhanced in order to support access to two CMIS systems from OpenWorkdesk applications. Furthermore OpenWorkdesk now supports the open source product OpenLDAP for authentication. Therefore, it now can be deployed also in pure Linux environments. Alfresco projects will benefit from the support of Alfresco Aspects.... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2011-04-04

OpenWorkdesk 3.1 Sprint 8 CMIS Community

A new version of the OpenWorkdesk Sprint 8 CMIS Community Edition was uploaded today on Sourceforge (

Only a few weeks left (just one Sprint and a lot of testing, testing, testing) until the OpenWorkdesk Final will be released (Release day 18.03.2011).

We have changed the structure of the OWD Community download files on Sourceforge - there is only one file available to download: Download OWD Sprint 8 Community Edition (160.2 MB). This file contains all what you need to start the OpenWorkdesk web application and connect via CMIS to a CMIS-compliant repository.... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2011-02-23

OpenWorkdesk 3.1 Sprint 6a CMIS Community Edi

A new version of the WeWebU OpenWorkdesk CMIS Community Edition was uploaded to SourceForge (

The new OWD version 3.1.0 Sprint 6a supports the newest Alfresco Community Edition 3.4.b. - connection to Alfresco Repository via the OpenWorkdesk CMIS Adaptor.

Highlight of this new edition is the new Sencha Ext JS AJAX tree & layout, integrated into some plugins (module) of the web application.... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2010-12-17

OpenWorkdesk 3.1 and Alfresco Community Edition 3.4.a

The OpenWorkdesk Community Edition 3.1.x was successfully tested with the Alfresco Community Edition 3.4.a that was released at the end of september 2010 (
The WeWebU OpenWorkdesk Open Air Installer was updated to support the Alfresco 3.4.a version. The project "owdopenair" (file: is creating the data model for a HR (Human Resources) Demo Scenario - based on Alfresco Community Edtion 3.2 or 3.3 or 3.4 and OpenWorkdesk with the CMIS adaptor.

Posted by Alfresco 2010-10-07

WeWebU OpenWorkdesk 3.1. Sprint 2 released

Since the release of the WeWebU OpenWordesk 3.0 Final, we worked on over 95 Bugzilla Tickets to improve our product. The main topic was the consolidation of JSP pages binding to an OWD plugin: that means, a lot of the delivered plugins will support now JSP pages for rendering.
The configuration is easy: add the <JSPForm> tag to the XML configuration of the plugin (owplugins.xml). Add the JSP page that should be used for rendering by this plugin (e.g. <JspForm>demo/OwDocumentPropertiesForm.jsp</JspForm>). You can define your own design and layout for the JSP page.... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2010-09-27

WeWebU OpenWorkdesk 3.0 released

WeWebU Software AG (, a manufacturer of standard software for Enterprise Information Management (EIM), announces the latest release of its flagship product WeWebU OpenWorkdesk. Highlights of the release are accessibility according to section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act, support of the open standard CMIS, and an integrating viewing component that works with all supported content repositories and literally every document format. Many productivity enhancing features round off the release.... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2010-08-13

Sample HR Application using CMIS

A sample Human Resources application based on the open source Community Edition of OpenWorkdesk is released together with the latest sprint results of the Community Edition. The HR application as well as the OpenWorkdesk Community Edition can be downloaded for free. The HR application can be deployed on any CMIS compliant ECM repository and shows the difference between a simple CMIS explorer providing mere browse and search capabilities and a real business application. It provides HR dossiers that are built using OpenWorkdesk's versatile virtual foldering as well as tailored searches for dossiers and employee related documents that could be used in the HR department. Functionalities for creating new dossiers with a pre-defined structure as well as for simple adding and indexing of documents round up the application. Since the domain knowledge and terminology are build into the application users can start working without any training. In order to facilitate testing of the application on an Alfresco repository WeWebU provides a data loading application that creates data structures and uploads sample documents to the repository.... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2010-08-02

WeWebU OpenWorkdesk is OpenSource

WeWebU Software AG, a manufacturer of standard software for Enterprise Information Management (EIM), has finally released the Community Edition of its OpenWorkdesk. This suite of applications for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with an intuitive and user-friendly Web 2.0 front-end is now available as Open Source software and can be downloaded completely without charge.

For many years, customers have grown to rely on the proven technology of WeWebU OpenWorkdesk's powerful functionality, usability, versatility, security, stability, and performance. The OpenWorkdesk Community Edition is now the Open Source standard for intuitive usability and management of CMIS-compliant ECM systems. It provides all the necessary features for eFile management and retrieval and hence enables users without ECM system experience to use state-of-the-art ECM functionalities with minimal training.... read more

Posted by Alfresco 2010-08-02

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