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Release 0.5

I'm calling this release 0.5. RSS and quick links are the coolest new features.

BTW: This is a long way from a real product. But we use the Jake extensively on our own server, so maybe someone else out there might like to use it, too.

Posted by Michael R Head 2003-08-05

JDL 0.1 released

Release JDL 0.1.
it will turn .jdl files into SQL-DDL, MySQL DDL, and Java schema.

Only MySQL DDL is done for 0.1 release.

Posted by Michael R Head 2001-05-28

JaCoB gets some more project management.

Added a survey. Changed the name of the project to follow the standard recursive acronym naming convention (also, Sun &tm; doesn't like people naming things Java &tm;, unless it's "<program name> for Java")

Posted by Michael R Head 2001-05-26

JaCoB gets some sourceforge project management

We're getting some info into sourceforge about our project. come take a look!

Posted by Michael R Head 2001-04-30