#7 Multiple Monitor Support


We would like to add at the very least, command line support for devices besides the primary display.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    It would be really great if this were added sometime!

  • Barry King

    Barry King - 2004-10-07

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    A real plus would be the ability to connect different displays to different
    ports for simultaneous monitoring of multiple displays.

  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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    Officially OSXvnc does not support multiple monitors at this time, it is on
    our list of future enhancements.

    We do have a BETA feature for view only on displays besides the primary
    display. This feature is available only from command line. If you launch
    OSXvnc with the arguments
    "-disableRemoteEvents -display" #displayNumber#
    then that VNC server will serve the display associated with that number,
    unfortunately you must disable events becaue the event translation logic
    has not yet been added.

  • David Phillips

    David Phillips - 2005-04-01

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    It would be very useful if multiple monitors could be used for
    input devices.

    I have two displays on my desk. One is attached to my
    Windows machine, along with the mouse and keyboard, while
    the other display is attached to my PowerBook. I then run
    win2vnc to allow me to transparently control the PowerBook
    via the mouse and keyboard on the Windows machine.

    Currently, I have to use display mirroring on the PowerBook,
    since the only the primary monitor is supported by OSXvnc
    and that one is laptop's display. It would be great to have all
    three displays working separately.

  • qwack

    qwack - 2007-02-02

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    Has any progress been made on this feature? It seems like the beta version described below (where the input must be disabled) doesn't work any more... glancing at the code, it looks like whatever display is set by the -display argument is stomped on in rfbScreenInit().

    If I comment out the section of rfbScreenInit() that sets 'displayID', would it have a reasonable chance of re-enabling multiple desktop support, or are there other changes that would cause further breakage?

    Many thanks!

  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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    Not much progress has been made; but we are sorry that it got disabled in a recent release. Making the adjustmention previously mentioned should allow it to work as well as before in terms of DISPLAYING a second monitor. We'll also look at fixing at least that much and possibly adding to it.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Would love this feature. I've actually written an applescript to move windows from the screen I can't see to the main screen!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I too am eagerly anticipating dual monitor support but in the meantime, using F8 to display Spaces in Leopard is not too bad an alternative if you just want the ability to get at windows in the second monitor.

  • Q. Alex Zhao

    Q. Alex Zhao - 2008-09-29

    What I really want is to have a different resolution than the Mac monitor. When I vnc into the Mac, I should be able to use the resolution on my local system (not the remote Mac).

    Windows remote desktop service has had this for a very long time...


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