#39 Help Desk Interface for Reverse VNC


It would be handy to be able to enable create a package
from OSXvnc that could be executed from the web. When
executed the interface would show a list of computers
the reverse VNC server could connect to.

Ultra VNC now has this feature and it is nice to have
when having customers connect to a technical support
person sitting at a specific desk.

An example of the UltraVNC server configured for PCs
can be found at http://support.uidaho.edu/remote/

Thank you,


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Reverse VNC has been implemented in OSXvnc. Patches and
    binaries available on this page:


    I would love to see the functionality applied to more recent
    point releases and perhaps even a "Single-Click" style
    solution like the Windows guys have.


  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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    OSXvnc 1.61 added reverse connect from the command line.

    OSXvnc 1.7 added reverse connect from the GUI. It allows you to add
    connections without restarting the server and it allows you to connect an
    unlimited number of listening clients (used in classroom settings).

    As to the "Help Desk Interface for Reverse VNC" it's unclear how to implement
    that from the server side. It seems that it would make more sense on the
    VNC client side (which actually goes into listening mode) and could be
    portscanned, etc. I'm not saying this wouldn't be helpful but it seems like it
    would be found on the machine/network of the client, not the Server.

  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The "Single Click" interface is exactly what I was asking for!

    UltraVNC server has their Single Click interface for the PC
    which is a perfect replacement for Remote Assistance and we
    would love to add this service to the PCs.

    Maybe all that needs to be done would be to make a GUI that
    loads IP addresses of listeners from a configuration file
    (and maybe an image) and interfaces with the command line to
    Reverse Connect. I'm not comfortible working in the Apple
    IDE but I'll give it a shot and see if I can get something


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  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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    We are looking into a producing a single-click OSXvnc.

    We hope to make it available soon.

  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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