#13 HTTP Server


It would be kind of nice to have an HTTP Server for the VNC requests but since all OS X come with Apache this isn't a high priority.


  • Micah Gideon Modell

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    I'm not sure what VNC requests are being referred to here, but I'm
    assuming it refers to serving up the Java Applet? I'm all about using
    Apache rather than writing our own, but possibly we want to provide the
    option to configure Apache to serve the Applet intead? Perhaps
    autoconfigure the firewall as well?

  • Jonathan Gillaspie

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    [From RFE 933163]
    Like Real VNC, it'd be cool if:

    The VNC servers also contain a small web server. If you connect to
    this with a web browser, you can download the Java version of the
    viewer, and use this to view the server. You can then see your
    desktop from any Java-capable browser, unless you are using a
    proxy to connect to the web. The server listens for HTTP
    connections on port 5800+display number. So to view display 2 on
    machine 'snoopy', you would point your web browser at:
    The applet will prompt you for your password, and should then
    display the desktop


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    yeah sorta like the java viewer that RealVNC has-i'd KILL
    for that!

  • DJ Craig

    DJ Craig - 2007-04-02

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    Originator: NO

    Yes, this would be *extremely* useful!

  • Centromedia.Com

    Centromedia.Com - 2007-07-28

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    Originator: NO

    I think this must be yet an extreme urgent feature to be added !!!


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