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OSSO 0.0.6 released

We are looking for new developers!

Lots of changes in this release:

Updated shell commands
Now OSSO boots with GRUB's multiboot specification
Made mtools configuration dynamic: mtoolsrc config file is not needed anymore!

Started work to support multiple architectures
Work started on GTA01 architecture (ARM mobile fromn Openmoko)
Added qconfig2 (QT configuration mechanism) and createconfig (commandline) tools. Added new xml configuration files in src.... read more

Posted by Alessandro Iurlano 2009-01-12

New driver: ISO9660

A driver for the iso9660 file system (cdrom) has been started. It is in the cvs repository. Currently it supports only directory browsing, but completion seems near

Posted by Alessandro Iurlano 2002-11-07

New OSSO Floppy image released

I've released the boot floppy image for OSSO version 0.0.4. Check the INITCONF file for your actual configuration. You can play with a shell on your FAT partitions.

Posted by Alessandro Iurlano 2001-10-17

Version 0.0.4 Released

This version is a CVS snapshot. Contains lots of new features. Go to the homepage for download (http://osso.sourceforge.net)

Posted by Alessandro Iurlano 2001-08-26

New webpages online

The new web pages are finally online. Not complete, yet, but very nice.

Posted by Alessandro Iurlano 2001-05-23

OSSO version 0.0.1-c released

Version 0.0.1-c has been released.
Changes includes bugfixes and more translated txt

Posted by Alessandro Iurlano 2000-08-20