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OSPlus Text Editor 2.1 REALLY coming soon!

I've dug back into the OSPlus Text Editor source code and worked on various improvements, mostly back-end (eg, the makefile system) or with the converter system. I plan to release it tomorrow or fairly soon in the new year. Keep an eye out for it!

Posted by Owen Rudge 2004-12-31

OSPlus Text Editor 2.1 coming soon

I will soon release OSPlus Text Editor 2.1, which includes Win32 support (which can be compiled with Borland C++Builder (or the free tools available from Borland) and MSVC). Changes since 2.0:

02/10/2001: Attempted to use new Win32 Turbo Vision. There are some bugs which will be fixed in
the next version of TV, so I will wait. (orudge)
12/10/2001: Improved build structure (obj/platform, bin/platform dirs, etc) (orudge)
12/10/2001: Improved converter error reporting (orudge)
12/10/2001: Reimplemented Win32 support with latest version of TV, created makefile, etc (orudge)
13/10/2001: Started work on improved converter system (orudge)
23/12/2001: Did some work on converter system (orudge)
24/12/2001: Finished off new build structure and improved makefile system (orudge)
24/12/2001: Made sound-related menu items hidden if platform didn't support sound (orudge)
05/01/2002: Cleaned up indentation, changed copyright to 2002, other updates (orudge)
17/01/2002: Removed -IC:\DJGPP\contrib\tvision\include from DJGPP targets (orudge)
18/01/2002: Upgraded to TV 1.1.4 (no code changes required) (orudge)
31/01/2002: Updated Linux build script (untested) (orudge)
07/02/2002: Implemented MS converter for Win32 version (but not used from OSPEDIT yet) (orudge)
25/05/2002: Got ready for 2.1 release (orudge)
13/10/2002: Upgraded to TV 2.0 and Allegro 4.1.3 WIP (orudge)
13/10/2002: Added MSVC support (orudge)

Posted by Owen Rudge 2002-10-14

OSPlus Disk Imager 1.4 released

I have released version 1.4 of the Disk Imager. This includes a MAJOR bugfix and several other updates, including:

- Stupid bug in READ.CPP fixed that rendered Disk Imager 1.3 semi-useless

- Moved QuickMessage class into seperate CPP file

- Added more progress info and progress bar

- Fixed F2/F3 keyboard shortcuts

Go to the Files section to download it.

Posted by Owen Rudge 2001-10-12

OSPlus Disk Imager 1.4 soon

I've got OSPlus Disk Imager 1.4 ready, and will upload it soon. This version features the following changes:

- Big bug in version 1.3 fixed
- Moved QuickMessage class into seperate CPP file
- Added more progress info and progress bar
- Fixed F2/F3 keyboard shortcuts

Posted by Owen Rudge 2001-09-30

Big bug in Disk Imager 1.3

It turns out there is a big bug with the updates I made to the disk reading code in version 1.3 of the Disk Imager (I'm not sure how I let it slip past) so if you are having problems with it, download OSPlus Disk Imager 1.2 and use that instead. I'll release a fix very soon.

Posted by Owen Rudge 2001-09-24

OSPlus Disk Imager 1.3 released

I have released OSPlus Disk Imager 1.3. This doesn't contain any major changes, but contains several "under-the-hood" changes that should make it more stable.

Posted by Owen Rudge 2001-09-03

Disk Imager 1.2 released

I have released version 1.2 of the OSPlus Disk Imager. This includes Browse dialogs to allow you to easily find the image you want to write (or choose the location you want to write the image to).

Posted by Owen Rudge 2001-05-26

OSPlus Text Editor 2.0 uploaded

I've uploaded the source code to OSPlus Text Editor 2.0 to CVS. The build process is much better and various features are improved. Go to CVS to download the source code, or the Files section to download binaries.

Posted by Owen Rudge 2001-05-25

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