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opensurveypilot / News: Recent posts

New Release 1.2.1

it took 2 years since the last release came out, but
now it is true. At last i had time to make some bugfixes. But don't expect too much. This release is just a Bugfix-Release. So the installation would be a little more comfortable.


Posted by Martin Israel 2007-01-06

OSP is now php5 compatible

Checkout the latest version from CVS if you want to use the OSP with php5.
(You don't need the DOM XML Module for php5 anymore.)

Posted by Martin Israel 2007-01-03

New Homepage for the OSP Project

Hi all,
The OSP has a new Homepage! :-) (

There you can find many useful things!

Beside an Online-Demo of the OpenSurveyPilot with full admin-access you can find the old forum of the company Serie-A! This forum is very useful if you've got installation problems.
The Development-Page is still in progress. But soon you will find there everything a developer needs to improve the OpenSurveyPilot.

Posted by Martin Israel 2006-06-09

New maintainer

All Users of OSP may expect a revival of this project: Martin Israel (easy_israel) joined OSP and will act as the new maintainer from now on.

He told me that he already did some bugfixing and development, which could be released soon.

At this point, it is time for me to abandon the maintainer's position.

Good luck, every1

Posted by sitepush 2006-03-21


Due to a lack of community's interest and active programmers, the OSP is about to be discontinued, IF we cannot find enough helpers (with a huge amount of time) to take part in further development.

Actually, the OSP is on "hold", which means that there has not been any bug-fixing or development for months.

If anyone is interested in helping, feel free to contact us or to open a new thread concerning this matter in our forum.... read more

Posted by sitepush 2005-11-17

New Roadmap for a new release

Dear all,

in a few days we will bring a new roadmap on the way. There will be some nice features and an lot of bugfixes in the upcoming version 1.3.0

Thanks to all the people who helped us making the this project better with translation and new functions - they will be integrated in the next version - perhaps in a new separated release before 1.3.0.

Stay tuned for further information in the next days.

Posted by axelloehr 2004-11-27

opensurveypilot 1.2

opensurveypilot 1.2 is finally ready and released. The package now features multi language support and ships with german and english language files. Beside the improved GUI, most of the time was spend on the new panel modul with build in mailclient and integrated user administration. Now its possible to install OSP not only on dedicated servers. Due to PEAR including OSP can be installed on all servers.... read more

Posted by opensurveypilot 2004-07-19

Hi all / First news

Within the next few days we are moving opensurveypilot completely over to Sourceforge. We are starting with the brand new OSP 1.2 version including multilanguage, mailclient, panels and many more. hope you participate and enjoy.

regards robin / osp - devteam

Posted by opensurveypilot 2004-07-08