#2 Script does not write to stout anymore, only to logfile


Even when executed with -h / --help, the help content is logged instead of displayed. This was likely not wanted, I would think?

Affected: V05 RC1, RC2
Ok: V04

Submitted by: OSM-Account g0ldfish


  • Mayeul

    Mayeul - 2012-01-26

    Should be fixed in 0.5rc3
    set -x
    set +x

    Aren't you affected by the same bug when osm2postgresql does sudo .... to install postgres from EnterpriseDB?
    Can you see it asks for your password if you have not done sudo in this session yet?

  • Mayeul

    Mayeul - 2012-01-26
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mayeul
    • status: open --> pending-fixed
  • g0ldfish

    g0ldfish - 2012-01-27

    No, the prompt to enter the password for sudoing was displayed on the console afair (otherwise I should not have been able to get the installation done, which was successful with RC2).

  • g0ldfish

    g0ldfish - 2012-01-27
    • status: pending-fixed --> open-fixed
  • g0ldfish

    g0ldfish - 2012-01-27

    This is fixed in RC3, both commands --help and -h output to stdout (-h with error though:

    Error 1: The command which triggered the error was:
    on line 241 of the osm2postgresql script.)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I just realised that -h is short for --host, not --help. So the switch error is because the required --file is missing.

  • Mayeul

    Mayeul - 2012-02-02
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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