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OSLib boot code changed - New eXtender release

OSLib programs had some problems to boot with the newest grub releases. This problem has been fixed in the current CVS sources.
As a result, a new version of the eXtender (version 5.1) is needed to run oslib programs from dos.

Posted by Luca Abeni 2001-10-09

eXtender binary released

We released a build of the current eXtender sources. The code can be downloaded from the CVS, and as soon as we will fix some problem we will make a source+binary release.

Posted by Luca Abeni 2001-01-27

First Release!!!

The first OSLib release is finally out!!!
Check it out at http://oslib.sourceforge.net/download.html

Moreover, we also have some documentation:

Posted by Luca Abeni 2001-01-18

eXtender fix

Some little bugs have been fixed, and now the OSLib eXtender is able to properly load and run the MultiBoot test kernel provided with GRUB

Posted by Luca Abeni 2000-11-24

eXtender CVSed!!!

The sources of the OSLib eXtender are on the SourceForge CVS, now.

I improved the extender in order to load modules in a multiboot compliant way. Some other work is still needed to make the eXtender really multiboot compliant, but I am working on it...

Posted by Luca Abeni 2000-11-19

OSLib is on SourceForge CVS

I just imported the OSLib source tree in the SourceForge CVS repository. Now the first release is really near...

Posted by Luca Abeni 2000-11-15


The OSLib site is on sourceforge, now.
The first release will be ready in few days.

Posted by Luca Abeni 2000-11-13

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