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OSGEdit / News: Recent posts

OSGEdit 0.7.0-RC1 released

OSGEdit 0.7.0 is a complete rewrite of the editor, from the core to the GUI, making it more extensible and easier to maintain. This new release adds support for every OSG object, direct manipulation of transformations and lots of usability enhancements. This is a release candidate, send any bug to the bug tracking system.

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2007-11-04

OSGEdit 0.6.1 (Virgo) released

This is one of the biggest releases that we've made until now, with a lot of improvements. The most evident is the possibility to edit more things that just Nodes, and view them in the outliner tree. For example, now it's possible to see StateSets, StateAttributes, or Drawables in the tree.
It also supports GLSL with syntax highlighting, and now works with pure GTK+ code, without need of linking to GNOME.

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2006-01-29

OSGEdit 0.5.1 (Andromeda) released

* Support for hand-editing transformations by values and visually edit PositionAttitudeTransform.
* A new tool allows scaling only in one axis.
* Synced with OpenScenegraph 0.9.7.
* Tons of bugfixes.

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2004-08-22

OSGEdit 0.5.0 released

OSGEdit 0.5.0 (still without codename) is out!, It has several bugfixes
and these features:
* fragment programs
* geometry statesets
* gtkglext (thanks to Clement Bourdarias)
* GTK2-only port (Clement Bourdarias)
* Win32 project files (Stephane)
* Win32 installer (Antonio Seoane)
* Ported to OSG 0.9.6-2

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2003-10-31

OSGEdit 0.4.1 (Hydra) released

* Synced with OSG 0.9.4
* Fixes all the bugs reported on SF
* Supports osg::Projection and osg::VertexProgram
* New properties dialog to setup some defaults
* New StateSet editor which adds support for editing textures of different texture units.
* Some improvements on the GUI generation engine that allow editing of nested (composite) objects.

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2003-07-16

OSGEdit 0.4.0 (Draco) released

This new release includes a new automatic GUI generation engine that lets edit lots of new OSG objects very easy.
New state attributes:
osg::BlendFunc, osg::CullFace, osg::FrontFace, osg::LightModel,osg::ShadeModel, osg::Fog
New nodes:

Also some old nodes have now enhaced support.

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2003-04-06

OSGEdit 0.3.1 released

This release almost only syncs with OSG 0.9.3 and adds some bugfixes...

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2003-01-28

OSGEdit 0.3.0 released

* Synced with OSG 0.9.2
* Orbit button to rotate the camera
* Rotations use parent transformation
* Implemented Save and Save as
* Switch between orthogonal and perspective views
* Selections now are shown in a more elegant way (check yourself ;)
* The new osg::Shapes are supported!!
* Mouse selection!! Now you can select the nodes in the 3D view!!!
* Added center-the-selection tool
* Ported to gcc 3.2

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2002-11-16

OSGEdit 0.2.2 released

This release includes support for OSG 0.9.1, and has some new features, like showing selections with a box and allow of texture editing

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2002-09-14

OSGEdit 0.2.1 released

This version is released *only* for those of you using OSG 0.9.0 from CVS. It fixes the compilation problems with this OSG version, and adds support for editing textures and matterials.

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2002-08-22

OSGEdit 0.2.0 released

This new release implements a new design much more flexible that will allow rapid development of new features and adds some functionality with respect of the 0.1.x branch. The new features besides the new design wich is the major change, are some more OSG nodes partially supported (lights, billboards and LODs) and better behaviour of the node tree that doesn't collapse on each operation. The project page now has a design section where you can see some design explanations from the osgedit design leader.

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2002-08-08

0.1.1 released

This release is almost only a bug-fix release, new features are little things like a grid, wireframe and flat shading mode switches, icons on the tree..

Posted by Ruben Lopez 2002-08-02