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osalp-0.7.3 released

Version 0.7.3 of the Open Source Audio Library Project has just been released.

New to this release: - Support for reading ogg-vorbis files.
- aflibDebug class for added flexibility in printing error descriptions.
- Added test scripts to the osalp example program. There have also have been many bug fixes. Visit
more information. ... read more

Posted by Darrick Servis 2002-07-08

New version of OSALP

Version 0.7.2 beta of the Open Source Audio Library Project has been released. New in this version are:

1) aflibAudioBWFilter class that implements a Butterworth filter. This provides for band pass, band reject, low pass, and high pass filters.

2) aflibAudioMemoryInput class that provides one the ability to insert audio data into the start of an audio chain from data in memory.

3) AFLIB_DATA_32S (32 bit signed) data type has been added.... read more

Posted by Bruce Forsberg 2001-08-13

Version 0.7.1 of the Open Source Audio Library Project (OSALP) has been released. OSALP is an object oriented C++ toolkit that provides everything one needs to perform audio programming for an application. New additions include FreeBSD support, mp3 reader module using the open source splay library, and Makefile system changed to the configure system. For more information check the web page.

Posted by Bruce Forsberg 2001-05-21

Open Source Audio Library Project - First beta release

After more than a year in development and in the alpha stage the Open Source Audio Library Project (OSALP) is pleased to announce its first beta release. It is listed as version 0.7 and includes support for the Solaris Sparc platform and an improved Makefile and install system.

The OSALP is a C++ class library that provides the functionality one needs to add audio to their application. It supports Linux and Solaris Sparc. For more info see:

Posted by Bruce Forsberg 2000-12-04