#90 New Project Dialog - New Folder Button no refresh


Version: 5.4.2
OS version: Windows 7 x64 all system updates more than 30 days old
Error reported: When in the new project save dialog and the new folder button is clicked a new folder is created but not displayed.
Stack trace: N/A
Steps needed to reproduce the problem: Select the menu option to create a new project. Choose any type of project (I tried animation and console application) when the dialog opens to save it click the new folder button.


  • orwelldevcpp

    orwelldevcpp - 2013-10-27
    • status: open --> fixed
    • assigned_to: orwelldevcpp
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  • orwelldevcpp

    orwelldevcpp - 2013-10-27

    The code that creates and manages the saving dialog is handled by Windows only. Dev-C++ cannot affect it in any way. All Dev-C++ and any other Windows program is allowed to do is ask Windows to create a save dialog and set the initial directory.

    In other words, this is a Windows related problem.

    A fix would be to use F5 inside that dialog to refresh the current folder.


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