#33 Occasional inablility to change roles on an internal constra


When the fact type is displayed vertically (rotated right) I couldn't change it from a 'one to many' to a 'many to many' by doubleclicking on the constraint to edit its roles. I was able to get around it by changing to horizontal display, changing the constraint, and rotating it back. I was also still able to select roles and rightclick to 'add constraint.' It was only when doubleclicking the little purple dash to the right of the role boxes.

However, I was unable to duplicate this on a new model.

To help with this elusive lil' bug, I've attached the 'flypaper.orm' file. I took my model and removed everything unrelated, testing to see if the bug remained. Hopefully this helps track it down!


  • Orion Bühler

    Orion Bühler - 2007-07-12

    A bug, caught.

  • Matthew Curland

    Matthew Curland - 2007-07-20

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    flypaper.orm has nothing in it, a real file would be useful.

    Are you sure a reading shape (or some other shape) is not obscuring part of the constraint?


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