#21 DDL Gen Error SQL Server Temporal: Date


The DDL created for Temporal: Date fields are being assigned the type of "INT".


  • MattHuntington

    MattHuntington - 2007-01-22
    • summary: DDL Gen Error Temporal: Date --> DDL Gen Error SQL Server Temporal: Date
  • Brian Nalewajek

    Brian Nalewajek - 2007-01-26

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    Hi Matt,

    There are a number of less than the best choices for data types in the DDL generation scripts. I thought that one of the team members referenced this before, but I couldn't find it. My belief is that the current release was focused on stablity and performance issues with the core tool functionality; and that the DDL scripts were not a high priority, but are noted for later.

    I've found it best to take the DDL script that the custom tool generation produces and do some editing on it before trying to run it. Actually, I make a copy of it in another folder I create in the project, and use SQL Server 2005 Management Studio to open the file from that folder. When I open it in VS 2005 (my edition anyway), I get a plain text editor; while SSMS gives me the color coded SQL editor, with parsing and execution options. After editing, I save it back to the project folder - incase I need to try something else later.

    The other option is to run the DDL as is, and if it works, change the data type for the columns in the DB.

    Either way will work, but the first is more self documenting. Obviously, better vendor specific script genereation would be best, but you have option for now.

    BTW, I brought up the issue of doing the create schema in a transaction in another item. If you remove the GO directives until just before the SP creation, the SCHEMA and TABLE creation will will work as a pass/fail transaction, so if there's a problem, it's easier to clean up. BRN..


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