#15 IUC from toolbox can't be applied


I could not get an internal uniqueness constrait from the toolbox (....) to apply to a role or set of roles in a FactType. Selecting the IUC from toolbox allows it to be brought over to the work area, but a do not enter icon appears when it's over a role (as if it doesn't enter or prematurly leaves edit mode). It can't be left in a none role place on the workspace either, and can't be commited to a role by clicking or ddbl clicking.
Adding ICUs by rt clicking on a role (or shift for adding roles), works as expected.
This is the 12-2006 TCP installed on VS 2005 SP1 BRN..


  • Matthew Curland

    Matthew Curland - 2007-02-08

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    This is probably a toolbox reset issue. Regardless of what we tell VS about the toolbox item versions on our package, it seems to get the toolbox messed up over version changes. We're going to add an HKCU registry entry indicating the last assembly version used to update the toolbox and automatically reset if the assembly is changed. A toolbox reset (right click on the toolbox and 'Reset Toolbox'), please comment further.

    Note that NORMA toolbox items work best with a click toolbox/click designer. Automatic action activation (the constraint drag lines, etc) does not work for 'drag from the toolbox'.

  • Brian Nalewajek

    Brian Nalewajek - 2007-02-08

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    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the followup. I noticed similar problems with the Toolbox (such as value objects being dropped as entity objects), in the latest CTP. Tried the reset (that took a few moments), and that cleared these types of problems. I suggest you post the reset as S.O.P. for everyone using this CTP - unless there's downside to that for some. Each bit of friction you can remove (and better yet avert), in the mechanics of using the tool, lets users concentrate on the core functionallity.
    On a related note: By preference, I use the FactEditor and context menu, unless there is no other way than using the Toolbox. Don't know if that's common to ORM users. If it is common, adding more functionality to the FactEditor and context menu would be welcome. You'd know better than I, which is easier to impliment from a developer's persective. If beefing up the FactEditor is easier - all the better; otherwise, well you enjoy challanges, right? Thanks again. BRN..


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