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OrgApp / News: Recent posts

Version 0.5.0

* Graphical improvements (Bezier line for connectors, BoxMode, text vertically centered, ...)
* New XML reader/writer architecture, minor changes in SOF schema
* Helper method to define organigrams
* Full ProGuard optimization
* Organigram can be written to an image. Utility Convert can now produce an organigram in any Java ImageIO graphic format
* Some unit tests and static code analysis

Posted by Enrico Croce 2012-03-08

Version 0.4.0

* PHP script to easily generate the applet tag to embed the chart
* New layouts: TOP (e.g. organization chart), LEFT (e.g. classic tree chart), BOTTOM (e.g. family tree), RIGHT (e.g. direct elimination matches)
* It is possible to specify line mode (direct or connector) and use name instead of numbers (e.g. mode=“grow” instead of mode=“2”)
* Applet can take the chart definition from “Data” and “DataType” parameters
* Collapsible nodes
* Added handling of collapsed flag in the GUI (right click toggles it)
* Colors now can be expressed also with HTML color notation

Posted by Enrico Croce 2010-05-04

OrgApp 0.3.0 Released.

* Compact alignment
* Reading/writing organigram from sitemap.xml
* Target of the link can be specified
* Various bugs fixes

Posted by Frederic Bergeron 2010-02-28

OrgApp 0.2.0 Released.

Thanks to the new developer umibozu, a new release of OrgApp is now available. New features has been added and the web site looks a lot better. Consult the change log for details.

Posted by Frederic Bergeron 2008-03-10

OrgApp 0.1.0 Released.

OrgApp is a small Java Swing applet displaying a dynamic organigram easily embeddable into a web page.

Posted by Frederic Bergeron 2005-11-20