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Oracle XMPP/Jabber Instant Messenger / News: Recent posts

Started new XMPP implementation in oracle-jutils

To provide an easier and more complete set of tools, i've started to implement XMPP package inside oracle-jutils (
Some names have changed but the code has been totally reviewed to provide more functionalities, in a cleaner way.
All my development efforts will be focused on oracle-jutils.
Do not hesitate to go on oracle-jutils and tell me if you think about functionalities you would like to be added.

Posted by AdrienS 2009-05-03

New oracle-xmpp for 11g (11g only) release

Now using Smack 3.1.0, and added new function send_single_plain_text_message to get more detailed return code. Also using more detailed Presence return codes for this function.

Posted by AdrienS 2009-01-26

oracle XMPP for 10g released

As asked by Noel Portugal, i've made sources for the JDK14 available so you can send xmmp messages from Oracle 10g. Now you are able to build the library by your own. Have a look at oracle-xmpp-10g package.

Posted by AdrienS 2009-01-17

Smack 3.1.0 Beta 1 Released

With a little big late, the changelog :

I'll have a closer look at new features which feature i could add to the 11g DBMS_XMPP package :

SMACK-142] - Added support for Kerberos/NTLM. (6 votes)
[SMACK-210] - Added support for MD5 SASL. (1 vote)
[SMACK-256] - Added support for new sophisticated TLS mechanisms including SmartCard and Apple's KeychainStore.
[SMACK-242] - Added support for JEP-50: Ad-hoc commands.
[SMACK-251] - Added support for XEP-0163: Personal Eventing Protocol. (1 vote)
[SMACK-226] - XMLConnection can now be used with an http/socks proxy. (2 votes)
[SMACK-254] - Loading the Roster during login is now optional.
[SMACK-255] - Added ability to set mime type for avatar.
[SMACK-235] - Improved performance of Roster class.
[SMACK-241] - Updated Base64 implementation to match Openfire's.
[SMACK-240] - Updated Jingle implementation to newest version.
[SMACK-246] - Improve Jingle logging using commons-logging
[SMACK-244] - Updated JSTUN to 0.7.2.
[SMACK-259] - Updated XPP library to latest version. ... read more

Posted by AdrienS 2008-12-11

oracle-xmpp running with openfire and spark

In the latesr release, i've updated the documentation to tell how to use oracle-xmpp with openfire and spark in a very few steps.

Posted by AdrienS 2008-09-01

People talking about oracle-xmpp

Posted by AdrienS 2008-07-03

racle-xmpp thread on otn

Posted by AdrienS 2008-06-26

People Talking about oracle-xmpp

A post about oracle-xmpp has been discovered on "The Apex Blog Aggregator by Apex Evangelists" :

Posted by AdrienS 2008-06-26

XMPP schema and security

New install process with dedicated and securised XMPP schema : no DBA grant required nor SYSTEM account to host DBMS_XMPP.
Things are now much cleaner.

Posted by AdrienS 2008-06-08

oracle-xmpp integrated in APEX, on 10g

I've just received a very exciting feedback from Noel Portugal, who did a post on his blog at
In his blog he explains how to compile with JDK1.4 and use it with Oracle APEX.
It seems like the project will welcome a new developer (other than me ;-p)
More news coming soon.

Posted by AdrienS 2008-05-18

First release !

I'm very happy to present you the first release of oracle-xmpp : enjoy send IN from Oracle.
your feedback is very welcome.

Posted by AdrienS 2008-03-25