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Posted by AdrienS 2012-08-26

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Posted by AdrienS 2011-07-16

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Posted by AdrienS 2011-07-16

Recursive directory listing function

As requested, i have added the LIST_FILES_RECUR pipelined function. So it is now possible to recursively list files of a given directory.
Patch instructions are given in the changelog to make upgrade easier and faster.
As always, any feedback is welcome.

Posted by AdrienS 2011-04-11

A short but complete QrCode history

Posted by AdrienS 2010-08-15

New release : ZXing QRCode offline encoding

It is now possible to decode a QrCode straight from a BLOB (decode_qrcode(BLOB)->NVARCHAR2), and to encode QrCodes from NVARCHRA2 -> BLOB
I have also added url generators to encode specific contents.

Take a look at changelog

A a screenshot talks much better than words : read more

Posted by AdrienS 2010-08-15

New Release 20100808 details

* Added the JDBMS_COMPRESS.TAR_DIRECTORY_RECURSIVE->BLOB function to recursively tar all files (except already existing tar files)
from a directory (and subdirectories) and get the tar output as a BLOB, useful to directly take a snapshot of files in a BLOB.
* Added JDBMS_COMPRESS.TAR_DIRECTORY that tar all files of the directory, an overloaded version is also provided to apply a
regular exepression of the files you wat to tar.
* Added buffer size argument to JDBMS_COMPRESS.GZIP_BLOB function so you can choose the buffer size while compressing /uncompressing
gzip blobs.
* Changed release naming convention, now is YYYYMMDD.
* Upgraded Log4J library with latest log4j-1.2.16 version. Libray is provided with oracle-jutils distribution.
* Added JDBMS_QRCODE package to deal with QrCodes in a convenient Way, that is, encoding and decoding QrCodes. Encoding
is for now using Google Charts as i could not find a suitable open source library, so, for now, you can : ... read more

Posted by AdrienS 2010-08-09

2010808 release around tar and QrCodes

I have added cool features around QrCode : encode a NVARCHAR2 into a QrCode PNG, straight in a BLOB, within a single line of code. More features around QrCodes will be added very soon.
Also added TAR functions : you can for example tar a directory from sql and get the tar output straight as a BLOB.

Posted by AdrienS 2010-08-08


Posted by AdrienS 2010-04-25

New Release around Twitter and gzip

This a little release that adds some functions around compression and Twitter.
Added the JDBMS_TWITTER.SEND_MESSAGE function that sends a message and return the Message ID as output,

Posted by AdrienS 2010-04-11


The TWITTER_TIMELINE has been added, you are now able to your own or your friends Timelines.
Furthermore, a little bug correction is provided for the TWITTER_REPLIES function.

Posted by AdrienS 2010-03-28

Lot of Twitter features added

Since today, a lot of features have been added around TWitter functionalities, especially around pipelined functions.

Now it is possible to perform simple sql queries on Twitter accounts, perform statistics, reports on Friends (TWITTER_FRIENDS), favorites (TWITTER_FAVORITES), Messages (TWITTER_DIRECT_MESSAGES), Followers (TWITTER_FOLLOWERS) and replies (TWITTER_REPLIES). Have a look at screenshots in the pdf version ( ), in JDBMS_TWITTER Screenshots chapter.... read more

Posted by AdrienS 2010-03-27

News from OraTweet

Interesting interview from Noel Portugal about OraTweet implementation in APEX framework :

Posted by AdrienS 2010-03-15

Free SMS from Oracle with oracle-jutils

As oracle-jutils is now able to twitt from sql, thanks to twitter exciting features, it is now possible to send SMS from your database.

Therefore, just subscribe to your database twitts and you're ready to receive alerts, messages, ... anything you like, wherever you are, and for free !

See detailed article below :

"Twitter and SMS: A Winning Combination... read more

Posted by AdrienS 2010-03-15

Now able to twitt with JDBMS_TWITTER

Oracle is now able to twitt thanks to JDBMS_TWITTER. For now, only message post and Twitter ping features are available, but other features will soon be out. Have a look at a little screenshot here :
Some corrections around JDBMS_JACKSUM have also been performed.

Have fun.

Posted by AdrienS 2010-03-15

Quoted in AppsLab(XMPP integration is great)

On AppsLab :

"[...]The XMPP integration is great; reminds me of how great the Twitter version it used to be.
Thankfully, XMPP allows that to happen in Pidgin/Adium, which is rapidly becoming the best
way to monitor the firehose now that Facebook chat and Skype are (sort of) supported.
Side note: why isn’t there a Twitter plugin?

Posted by AdrienS 2010-03-02

Integrated into Oratweet APEX package

Integrated by Noel Portugal in OraTweet to add IM features to the OraTweet project and APEX package :

Posted by AdrienS 2010-03-02

Stil another XMPP use case from apextoday

"Andy (Agenor) said...
Hi Noel

This looks really interesting and something that we could really use in our SaaS application (built on Oracle 11g EE and written in APEX v3.11)."

Posted by AdrienS 2010-03-02

Noticed by Patrck Wolf (Oracle APEX Guru)

Quoted from :

"Patrick Wolf said...

that sounds really interesting. I think I have to have a closer look at the IM integration.

Thanks for sharing

Posted by AdrienS 2010-03-02

Directory contents rated by Asktom

Just seen that i did get 4 stars on the LIST_FILES pipelined function to list directory content staright in a table with all available files metadatas :

Posted by AdrienS 2010-03-02

oracle-jutils birthday with first 100 downloads

After some months, we finally reach 100 downloads. It's modest but it does indeed mean that some people wanted to give ti a try.
I don't know if you did like it. But if you did, i would very pleased to get your feedback... and if you're not too of course.

Posted by AdrienS 2009-07-19

New Release around JDBMS_FILESYSTEM

This is it, we now can list OS directory contents from a pure SQL Table, in a relational way. You can then filter directory contents (based on regular exepression), to see files size, Last Modif Date, etc... but also, if requested, the hash you want (crc,...), and also the mimetype (based on file contents). This is the main feature, around the function list_files. Here is the function prototype :... read more

Posted by AdrienS 2009-07-14

New Release around zip(BLOB,..) and checksum

JDBMS_COMPRESS : Added function that zips up to 10 BLOBS into a new BLOB. Have a look at test_JDBMS_COMPRESS.sql for more details.

Completed the magic file with application/msoutlook mime type. Now Outlook messages will be recognized

Changed JDBMS_CHECKSUM.get_CRC32(BLOB) beahviour : now JDBMS_CHECKSUM.get_CRC32(EMPTY_BLOB()) (same on a NULL types BLOB parameter) returns NULL instead of throwing an Exception (behaviour asked by developer as it finally makes more sense to get a null CRC than making a try/catch in client code).... read more

Posted by AdrienS 2009-07-05

Help wanted for magic mime type

If you want to donate some time around magic's you are welcome. The donation would to help me improving the mime types detected thanks to mimemagic library to match more types in the JDBMS_MIMETYPES package.
For more precisions, feel free to contact me.

Posted by AdrienS 2009-05-31

New release around checksums

JDBMS_CHECKSUM : Added CRC32 computation on multiple input BLOBs (up to 10). So you are now able to compute CRC32 in single shot on multiple BLOBS (the CRC32 is sequentally updated with BLOB's bytes, null BLOBs are skipped during computation). I have implemented this feature because of a specific need in my job. I'll try to implement the same overload in JDBMS_JACKUSM package, it may be useful and more homegeneous.
Updated test_JDBMS_COMPRESS with the grant to be able to test the LZMA compression function
Updated JDBMS_JACKSUM with overloaded functions to make standard checkum computations simpler : now you can just provide the algorithm. The overload is available for BLOBs, filesystem file and text. The TEST_JDBMS_JACKSUM has been updated with code samples.
Updated JDBMS_JACKSUM with checksum computation on up to 10 BLOBS in a single time (like in JDBMS_CHECKSUM in this same release). Overload for light version also provided (you can only provide the algorithm for shorter PL/SQL calls). You can compare the JDBMS_CHECKSUM and JDBMS_JACKSUM for crc32 algorithm, althouh the JDBMS_JACKSUM is much more complete but a bit slower (around 2 times slower).
Completed the jmimemagic magic.xml file with chm mimetype. Hence, since now, JDBMS_JACKSUM will be able to detect chm files (from file or BLOB). Just reload the library to have this new mime type enabled, therefore just :
loadjava -u OJUTILS/OJUTILS -resolve lib/jmimemagic-0.1.0.jar... read more

Posted by AdrienS 2009-05-31