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OzStruts 1.8.1 is Released

1.8.1 introduces "formFactoryClass" and "factoryMethod" to plug any kind of bean factory. There is no fixed spring bean factory any more.


Posted by Tak 2008-06-04

OzJpetstore 2.0 is released

OzJpetstore 2.0 (actually 2.0.1) is released to show how to apply OzStruts and Spring in real application with OzStruts' best practice that makes your code much simpler and maintainable.

Now there is no difference in programming model between OzStruts' sample and OzJpetsore.

Please download 2.0, and compare to 0.9, you will see the huge difference in programming model, even both use OzStruts and Spring, and please stop downloading 0.9 version from now, because the code and programming model is very complex.... read more

Posted by Tak 2007-05-27

OzStruts 1.8 released

OzStruts programming gets more simple!!!

1. Spring integration for FoemBean (OzPage) creation
2. URL based FormBean (OzPage) Locator
3. Defauilt action assignment

With these, struts-config only defines action-mapping, which contains "path" attribute and "<forward>" element only. This makes struts-config more simple and readable.

And Spring integration gives us a freedom of configuration of OzPage reference resolution.... read more

Posted by Tak 2007-04-21

OzStruts released

1. Now OzStruts works with Tiles.
If you don't want to use tile, please keep TilePlugin entry in struts-config.xml with dummy tiles xml.
(setup in struts-config.xml)
<plug-in className="org.apache.struts.tiles.TilesPlugin">
<set-property property="moduleAware" value="true"/>
<set-property property="definitions-config" value="/WEB-INF/tiles-defs.xml"/>
<!--<set-property property="definitions-config" value="/WEB-INF/dummy-defs.xml"/>-->
<set-property property="definitions-parser-validate" value="true"/>
</plug-in>... read more

Posted by Tak 2007-04-14

OzFaces 1.3 Released

OzFacesPage's method invocation cycle is very clear and easy to understand.

OzFaces 1.3 is improved with refactoring OzFacesPage interface and OzFacesPageSupport abstract class to represent OzFaces lifecycle more clearly, and help session data handling with name space. With these, OzFaces application code gets more clean and readable.

Also, OzFaces method calling cycle (action listener and directRenderListener) is compatible with portlet (ActionRequest and RenderRequest), so you'll find out the no difference from regular web applicaiton code and portlet code with OzFaces.
This is another benefit of OzFaces.... read more

Posted by Tak 2007-03-03

OzFaces 1.2.1 Released

Many changes on library, and corresponding sample code in the sample application

* Support "." notation f:param on POST
* Big refactoring
* renamed doPrepareNonJsfRequest with doPrepareForRenderRequest
* OzFacesSetupFilter is deprecated
* prelisterner() signature is changed
* Session store methods are provided in OzFacesPageSupport

Posted by Tak 2007-02-26

OzFaces 1.1 Released

This release contains followings.

1: "ozfaces.property.population.on.get" makes Struts like property population for GET
1-1: "." notation property support on GET access
1-2: No managed-property entry required in managed-bean definition.

2: Handle validation failure as Redirect Get
2-1: PhaseListener handle PROCESS_VALIDATIONS
2-2: OzFacesPageSupport.setValidationResult() for Redirect setup... read more

Posted by Tak 2007-02-19

OzFaces 1.0.1 released

Basic functions are ready to use.
Please read GETTING-START.txt and enjoy this light add-on framework.
You can do
1: Get access with prepare() method invocation
2: Post Redirect Get with query string
3: PreListener() method hook
4: Declarative Exception Handling and Navigation
5: Session keeper
6: Clean programming model. One jsp(x) per One Page class in request scope
7: No specific container required, e.g. EJB3, Spring and S2

Posted by Tak 2007-02-17

OzStruts 1.6 released

1.6 allow you to use struts action url "blah.do" in <jsp:include>, so that we can switch ESI include easily. Here is an eample.
<%if (isJesiMode) {%>
<jesi:include page="blah.do" copyparam="true" />
<%} else {%>
<jsp:include page="blah.do" flush="true" />
----------------------------... read more

Posted by Tak 2005-06-04

OzStruts Velocity Sample app is available in

Release contains OzStruts + Velocity sampl applicaiton.
With this , web application project will be free from classic JSP annoyance, that is not seamless process for proto-typing and UI enhancement.
OzStruts + Velocity brings the page oriented UI design and coding very nicely.
This is my first velocity, so it could be better in many ways. But you'll see the powwer of this combination.

Posted by Tak 2005-04-17

Updated: Practical Listener Impl Strategy sample

Please download for practical sample. The previous release didn't include configuraiton files.

Posted by Tak 2005-04-16

Practical Listener Impl Strategy sample

OzStruts is released.
No core classes are modified.
To demonstrate practical listener implemention strategy, the sample applicaiton now have sample.webapp.practical package to compare stiffed approach in sample.webapp.ozstruts.

Posted by Tak 2005-04-11

OzStruts 1.5 released

pre/post listner callbacks allow you to centralize the page level business rule, such as security.
Please see AddVendor or ProductListEditorPage for preListener sample code.

1.5 : Feb. 22, 2005
* OzPage: introduced preListener() and postListener() callback just before/after listener method invocation
* OzPage: support list of prepare args for redirect... read more

Posted by Tak 2005-02-22

OzStruts 1.3.1 release

When you download data from OzPage, please call noDestinationPage() after you write data into OutputStream, instead of activateDestinationPage(). The example code is in sample applicaiton DownloadTextFilePage.java.


Posted by Tak 2005-01-06

OzJPetStore 0.9.1 released

0.9.1 provids a HSQLDB in-memory database as a default database. No need to setup an external database to try out OzJPetStore.

Posted by Tak 2004-12-19

OzCommon-0.4 released

This release contains two additional jar.
* oz-common-ognl.jar is introduced with OzOGNLExpression
* oz-common-codec.jar is introduced with OzZipBase64
OzOGNLExpression is generic wrapper, and I used it for DB driven authorization check.
OzZipBase64 is a utility to transfer object over http, so that you can embedded object in HTML.
These depend on ognl and jakarta-common-coded respectively.


Posted by Tak 2004-12-18

OzJpetstre and OzSimpleTransaction

Option ZERO is working on the reference implementation of OzStruts, also demonstrating how OzSimpleTx works well in DAO unit testing.
The implementation is still relying on OzStruts 0.2, which means no clear separationn of process request and prepare to render, but it could give you the over all practice of Web application with OzStruts + Spring + SQLMap.
The versions are still 0.x, and not documented yet,
but you'll see that essence from its code.
And the unit test with OzSimpleTx will be available in 2005.

Posted by Tak 2004-12-17

OzStruts 1.2 is released

OzStruts 1.2 will set destinaiton page instance as "OzDestPage" as well as the name deined in maping. Developers can write common JSP page with this name.

Posted by Tak 2004-12-13

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