#35 Disable Google Instant


Jeeez....well, in the next version, how about a "disable Google Instant" in the sticky preferences section? Thanks for your consideration.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    +1 ... or should I say +100?

    Turning Google Instant off via Google's own preferences only works if you never delete your cookies.

  • Stephan Sokolow

    Stephan Sokolow - 2010-10-10

    Agreed. With all my Google cookies session-only and Google Instant neutered by NoScript, it's still a big pain to have to deal with the interface changes Instant brings as a side-effect. Please offer a "force to disabled" option for it under Sticky Google Preferences.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    And also bring back the ability to turn off Google Suggestions.

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    Anonymous - 2011-02-24

    PLEASE add a way to disable instant.

  • David Nemeskey

    David Nemeskey - 2011-06-29

    I second (fifth) this request. Searching has been a pain ever since Google made instant opt-out.


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