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Inactive till August, 2006

The development is frozen, and it'll be continued in August (first week). All efforts in June will be concentrated on YAP[HS] -- yet another plotter [[ph/f]or scientists] until it reaches beta state. Project yap at SF or savannah will be registered on first days of June.

Posted by Lyakhov 2006-05-06

Mailing errors

For some reason, I'm unable to reply to SF email aliases, at least to few of them. Few details in our forum.

Posted by Lyakhov 2006-02-18

Web site uploaded

After a long time I've uploaded the website, though almost all pages are under construction.
Please, make your comments...

Posted by Lyakhov 2005-12-26

New math paper released

The results of mathematical research conducted during this year has been publised. See 'Files' section.
Mathematical part of project has a long start over the soft part, but now I concentrate my efforts on it.

Posted by Lyakhov 2005-09-25

I have finished grapher, version 0

I have finished grapher, version 0. This program is able to draw 2d diagrams of functions f(x) and f(x, t). I'll put it into CVS as soon, as I'll add copyright notice(GPL). It is made as an library and will be linked with main program soon.

Posted by Lyakhov 2005-09-12

New math paper coming soon

Russian version of thesis for physics conference (nonlinear waves, etc) has been done (it isn't uploaded yet) -- new results have been achived. This research is being conducted to construct a base for programming Opsmod 2. When it is finished (approximatedly, in June), the programming phase will begin.

P.S. If anybody is interested in participating, feel free sending me a mail! I'll need help of few programmers soon (it will be announced in Help Wanted System in time)

Posted by Lyakhov 2005-05-24

Source of libbattle-1.1.3. added to CVS

Source code of libbattle-1.1.3.(latest working release of the project) added to CVS.

Posted by Lyakhov 2004-10-01

Math problems

The math problems are too difficult for me now. So a good mathematician is strongly needed.

Now I am solving a math task, connected with the equations needed to be solve for project's next step. It is a system of telegraphic equations (differential equations from mathematical physics; the task is similar to Lanchester equations, but, I think, it is easier because of differential linear operator(LO) instead of intergal LO). I'm solving telegraph system with Fourier, Euler, inverted Euler and Crank-Nicolson methods (sorry, I maybe spell wrong some names; please, say, if I do). The programs will appear here in about two weeks. Maybe such methods will be useful for [improved] Lanchester model.... read more

Posted by Lyakhov 2004-05-19

libbattle-1.1.3 released

This release contains new version of the library with few bugs caught and reduced source code (optimized a little).

There is no change for users but prevous version of library cannot normally work so if you want to use it you should download newest version.

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-12-18

libbatle-1.1.1 won't be released soon

Too many errors and bugs were found in the program, so it will be replanned and recoded, but not in near future -- only in two monthes because the examinations will be very soon and I have to prepare for them.

Instead of full-featured version only correction of 1.1.0 will be released -- some bugs were found there.

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-12-02

libbatle-1.1.1 will be released very soon

libbatle-1.1.1 will be released on Monday, 1st December, I hope.

Many new features will be supported.

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-11-28

libbatle-1.1.0 released

This is a library with OS-independent code (but i compiled it only into Linux). It had been done based on opsmod-1.0.x and provides functions to calculate things that opsmod-1.0.x is doing (only calculate functions without any user interface) All comments are in English. There are no text messages in the library.

Changes: The code of calculating functions was upgraded and archived into library. Nothing more.

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-11-10

For Developers: i have written tasks (see it in forum)

I have written future tasks.
You can see it in forum "Developers".


Posted by Lyakhov 2003-10-31

On the error

Yesterday there was an error: it was unable to download ENGLISH version of the program. Now it has been fixed.

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-10-31

Brief Description of opsmod-1.0.1(0) in ENGLISH was released

Brief Description of opsmod-1.0.1 (and 1.0.0) in ENGLISH was released.
You can see it in DOCS.

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-10-30

Short Manual of opsmod-1.0.0 in RUSSIAN was released

Short Manual of opsmod-1.0.0 in RUSSIAN was released: you can read it in DOCS
English version will appear soon.

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-10-30

Operations Modelling 1.0.1 LINUX ENGLISH was released

I have translated 1.0.0 and changed very little (nothing for users, only internally, but the last digit in the version is destined for such cases, i think)

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-10-30

For Developers: the team was filled

Visit "Developers" forum.

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-10-28

Operations Modelling 1.0.0 LINUX RUSSIAN was released

Operations Modelling 1.0.0 LINUX RUSSIAN was released.

WINDOWS version needed function to get options from command line (in LINUX version I used getopt_long() from GNU C library). As soon as I write it (it is easy to write small version of getopt_long, but i have little time for work on it) or remake getopt_long() to work under WINDOWS (it is good, that its source code is open!!!), the WINDOWS version appears.... read more

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-10-23

Operations Modelling 1.0.0 LINUX RUSSIAN will be released

The release of Operations Modelling version 1.0.0 Linux, Russian have been prepared. It soon appears here and will be downloadable. English, Windows versions and specification will be done soon!

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-10-17


Release of Operations Modelling version 1.0.0 is being prepared now. I think, it will appear in a week or two.

Posted by Lyakhov 2003-10-09