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#97 TTS Voice Selection incorrect when Multi-langauge unchecked

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It seems there is still a pending issue regarding the TTS voice selection in the full DAISY production: when the "Multi-language support" option is OFF (unchecked), the default TTS voice selected in the Windows Control Panel should be used. This is the case when launching the Pipeline Lite manually, but not from the add-in.

My test setup is:
- Windows Vista (32 bits) Home Premium - SP2
- Word 2007 (12.0.6545.5000) SP2 MSO
- DAISY Translator Addin version
- Windows Vista voices (MS Anna is the default set on the Speech Synthesis Control Panel)
- eSpeak voices (including a french one)

I created a french Word document (attached), which is correctly translated to a DTBook with the fr-FR language tag. So far so good. I then try to save it as a Full DAISY and uncheck the "Multi-language support" option in the advanced options. I expect the TTS to use the system default (MS Anna), but a french eSpeak voice is used instead.
It works as expected when I launch the Pipeline Lite manually.

A reason could be that the option is not correctly passed to the Pipeline. As far as I know the option-setting UI is on the Addin side.
Could you please check that the option is correctly passed through ?
The option name should be "multiLang" (case sensitive) and its value should be either ("true" or "false").


  • chrisauld

    chrisauld - 2011-08-22
    • status: open --> pending-fixed

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