#5 Protocol Errors


I am having trouble connecting. When I try the IP of the hyper visor machine I get this error

<ProtocolError for 404 Not Found>

When I try it over a SSL connection I get this

[Errno 1] _ssl.c:499: error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol

Neither tell me exactly what the problem is. Do I need to have specific port open or how exactly do I get started.


  • Alberto Gonzalez

    is it xenserver or XCP?
    do you have access to port 80/443?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have exactly the same problem.....

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have the same problem. I am using OpenSUSE 11.4 & no firewall enabled...

  • Alberto Gonzalez

    are you using xenserver or xcp?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I see the same issues, same OpenSuSE 11.4 w/o firewall. I'm currently running XenServer, but saw the same issues using XCP.

  • chengsun

    chengsun - 2011-09-24

    Are you sure that you are trying to connect to the correct IP address? You need to connect OXM to the IP address of the XenServer *host*, not any of the guests that are running inside it. XenServer will tell you its IP through the configuration interface.

  • TheZeroth

    TheZeroth - 2014-10-07

    the same problem on ubuntu 14.04 and XenServer 6.2.0-70446c


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