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OpenXDK 0.1 released

OpenXDK 0.1 is a binary release of the current CVS code. This release is compatible with pbKit, a driver that enables hardware accelerated graphics for OpenXDK.

Posted by Maturion 2009-02-18

Release 0.07

OpenXDK 0.07 has just been released! There are a number of key improvements in this release:

- The xecuter issue has been resolved. OpenXDK should now execute using this and any other BIOS/dashboards.
- The USB input layer has been completely reimplemented and now should support 1.0 - 1.6 XBOXs.
- New library support: freetype (ttf fonts), jpeg, libpng, zlib
- SDL support: SDL_ttf, SDL_image, SDL_mixer (in progress)
- Keyboard, mouse, usb, and controller support
- debugPrint now contains scrolling
- Multiple video modes (640x480, 720x480, PAL/NTSC)
- Flicker filter and soften functionality
- Numerous little bug fixes... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2005-05-17

Release 0.06

A new version (0.06) of the OpenXDK has just been released.

The key features in this release are as follows:
- Support for compiling on both Linux and Windows though migration to automake/autoconf
based builds
- Enhanced directory handling. For example, the notion of current directory is now
supported, as well as being able to list and navigate through files and directories
- Increased audio support. SDLAudio will now auto-convert the various sample rates and
- Lastly, hopefully a start at supporting the Xecuter (and other debug-based) BIOSes.
Please let me know if you still have troubles with OpenXDK applications on these BIOSes... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-12-17

Release 0.05

A new version (0.05) of the OpenXDK has just been released.

The feature that is of most interest is audio support. Currently, only 16-bit stereo 44kHz samples are supported, but auto-conversion for other types will be supported soon. The SDL_Audio layer will attempt to convert to something playable, but the conversion is still experimental.

In addition to this, OpenXDK also supports SDL_File, SDL_Timer, SDL_Thread, SDL_Mutex and SDL_Semaphore. ... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-11-09

Release 0.04.1

You can now launch XBE files (either via execve() or XLaunchXBE() apis).

I also inadvertantly released some of the generated automake/autoconf files last time which may cause compilation errors. Please resync with the latest. Sorry...

Lastly, for convenience, I have created a ZIP file containing the precompiled OpenXDK libraries and headers. If you are having trouble compiling newlib, this may be an option for you (best if you unzip into /usr/local).... read more

Posted by Craig Edwards 2004-10-07