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New Life for PicoWMS

Hope is not lost! Due to situations beyond my control, I have been MIA for a long time. I am working with an associate who will be able to re-start this project, and, if all goes as planned, he'll be here soon! Thanks for waiting.

Posted by L. John Ribar 2007-06-14

Live Chat About picoWMS!

There will be a live chat with John Ribar, the picoWMS project manager, sponsored by the Logistics area. Chat is 2:30pm Eastern Time (US) - on Dec 10th. Visit for more details:

Posted by L. John Ribar 2002-11-21

Specs Are Arriving

The specs are coming online slowly but surely in the next few days and weeks. Visit the spec site at - if you don't see what you want today, come back soon for more!

Posted by L. John Ribar 2002-10-01

RFC 2.0 Is Available

The second rev of the Request for Comments has been released.

Posted by L. John Ribar 2002-08-08

RFC-01 Is Available

In order to get things moving in a better manner, I have submitted RFC-01, a Request for your Comments, based on the design I have in mind. This is available in the Documentation area, and should also show up in the Files area. Let me know if you have problems, and I'll email it to you. It is a Text file. Let me know if you would prefer (allow) Adobe file (PDF) as an alternative, for adding drawings, etc.

Posted by L. John Ribar 2002-02-03

Welcome to OpenWMS

Welcome to the OpenWMS project. Our goal is to create an open source warehouse management package for use by the general public. We are looking for people to help, including:
- Developers
- Users (warehouse operators or managers, etc.)
- Documentation generators
- Those with experience in MySQL, Apache, Zope, Perl, PhP, and other related tools that might be willing to help.

Thanks for your help. This is something that is missing in the real-world, and I think it will be a great help for those of us that live and work there.... read more

Posted by L. John Ribar 2001-10-10