#26 error participant

engine (25)

It would be great to have a

<error-participant ref="my-error-handler" />

that allows a flow designer to specify which
participant should get all unexpected errors during the
forward of the work item from one participant to another.

This error-participant would be invoked if the target
participant (including else-ref) is not found and if
any exception is thrown anywhere during the transition
(e.g. a bug in the engine, a transient failure,...).

This solves the situation where work items silently
disappear from the worklist if something bad is going on
which can be a major headache in a production system.

Typical usage would be that the my-error-handler is a
apre that analyses the work item / failure cases and
send out some emails to the previous participant, to
the system administrators, ...

- Filip


  • John Mettraux

    John Mettraux - 2006-02-14
    • priority: 5 --> 4
  • John Mettraux

    John Mettraux - 2006-02-14
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jmettraux
  • John Mettraux

    John Mettraux - 2006-02-27
    • priority: 4 --> 5

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