Compiler Error

  • Michael

    Michael - 2008-04-07

    Hi, I try to compile on OSX Leopard with Mono installed (newest).

    ./configure is running ok.

    When i do a make, the following warnings and errors occur:

    make[1]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
    Making all in src
    /usr/bin/mcs -pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0 -pkg:glade-sharp-2.0 -reference:Mono.Posix  -resource:./../resources/,  -resource:./../resources/openvpn-admin.png,openvpn-admin.png  -resource:./../resources/certificate.png,certificate.png  -resource:./../resources/posix/gtk-connected.png,gtk-connected.png  -resource:./../resources/posix/gtk-disconnected.png,gtk-disconnected.png -t:winexe -out:openvpn-admin.exe ./MainWindow.cs ./BaseDialog.cs ./BaseForm.cs ./CertForm.cs ./Certificate.cs ./CertificationInfo.cs ./ChangeForm.cs ./Configuration.cs ./DetailForm.cs ./KeysForm.cs ./LogForm.cs ./PassForm.cs ./extras/AboutDialog.cs ./extras/BaseMainWindow.cs ./extras/TrayIcon.cs AssemblyInfo.cs Defines.cs
    ./MainWindow.cs(65,28): warning CS0436: The type `Gtk.AboutDialog' conflicts with the imported type `Gtk.AboutDialog'. Ignoring the imported type definition
    /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/1.9/lib/mono/gac/gtk-sharp/ (Location of the symbol related to previous warning)
    ./extras/AboutDialog.cs(31,22): (Location of the symbol related to previous warning)
    ./MainWindow.cs(503,84): error CS0122: `Gtk.Widget.ActivateDelegate' is inaccessible due to its protection level
    /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/1.9/lib/mono/gac/gtk-sharp/ (Location of the symbol related to previous error)
    Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 1 warnings

    Would be nice to have a OSX Frontend due to Tunnelblick is not working proper since the Leopard change.



    • lkraav

      lkraav - 2008-06-17

      tried the same thing, with same result.

      Mike, check out Viscosity Mac, an upcoming client. Still early beta though, so something more stable could still be of use for a while.


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